The Inherent Contradiction in God’s Not Dead 2

Brian Dalton (a.k.a. Mr. Deity) offers his take on God’s Not Dead 2.

(Spoiler: He’s not a fan.)


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Simple Rebuttals to Common Myths About Atheists

Michael Nugent has a wonderful set of rebuttals to common myths people have about atheists. I just love this one:


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Podcast Ep. 103: The Moderators of Reddit Atheism

Our latest podcast guests are two of the moderators of Reddit Atheism (r/atheism), arguably the largest online community in the world for atheists.


Whenever you have a community with millions of anonymous users, bad things may happen. And the site certainly has a reputation for low-brow memes, smugness, anger, and a disdain for the religious. But they’ve also used their power for good, raising money for groups like Doctors Without Borders.

We spoke with two moderators of the “subreddit,” Feinberg and LurkBeast, about the positives and negatives of the site, the power of the ex-religious subreddits, and why r/atheism isn’t as bigoted as one research paper claimed.

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I’ll Be Speaking in South Dakota This Tuesday

Just a heads up! I’ll be speaking at the University of South Dakota (in Vermillion) this Tuesday night at 7:00p. It’s free to attend, children are welcome, and I think even religious people will find it interesting.


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If You Raise Your Kids Without Religion and They Join a Faith, Wouldn’t You Think That You Failed?

Hemant wrote a post this morning about a Catholic father who considered it a failure that his four children had given up Christianity. (To be clear, the dad thought he had failed; he didn’t say his kids had).

Hemant’s assurance to the man’s progeny was:

You did nothing wrong. Your siblings didn’t do anything wrong, either.


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