America’s Most Important Defender of Evolution May Be This Catholic

The Daily Beast has a positive profile of Brown University biologist Kenneth Miller, a devout Catholic whose defense of science/evolution helped destroy Intelligent Design during the Dover trial:

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You’re Not Going to Go There

Here’s the most depressing thing you’ll read all day: Someone depriving himself of happiness because of what religion convinced him to believe.

Even worse: There are people reading that and smiling because they believe religion has done its job.

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A Song About How There Isn’t Any God… Now with YouTube Comments!

In 2012, singer-songwriter Rusty Cage released a video for his song “Gospel (There Isn’t Any God).” You can (and should) listen to it here. Nice voice. Catchy music. Interesting lyrics:

There isn’t any God and when you die you’re just dead
And heaven’s just a fairy tale to put you to bed
Sometimes I think about the chance that I’m wrong
But then I close my eyes and sing the words to this song

There isn’t any God and when you die you’re just dead
And heaven’s just a fairy tale to put you to bed
There aint nobody watching us cause nobody cares
and In the end we’re living all alone

Recently, he released a new version of that video — this time, including YouTube comments from the old version… I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.

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Set Your Irony Meters to ‘Explode’: The Creation Museum’s New Ad Campaign Suggests ‘Noah’ Movie is Too Farfetched

Creationist Ken Ham, a man many Christians accuse of misinterpreting the Bible, recently panned the movie Noah for being too “unbiblical.”

Now, capitalizing on the movie’s popularity, Ham is launching a new ad campaign — including digital ads near both Times Square and Hollywood — that suggests people can find out about the “real” Noah by visiting the Creation Museum:

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Proposed Quebec Charter of Values May Lead to the Public Sector Firings of Those Who Wear Turbans or Hijabs

Generally speaking, Canadians like to fancy ourselves decent, tolerant people, (mostly) accepting of cultural diversity in a live-and-let-live sort of way, and openly enthusiastic when it comes to having plenty of restaurant choices for dining out.

So when Quebec’s Parti Quebecois acknowledged that its Charter of Values will lead to job loss for people who wear turbans, kippahs, and Islamic head coverings — particularly after Montreal PQ candidate Évelyne Abitbol said explicitly that, following a transition period, those who refuse to comply with the Charter will be fired from public-service positions — PQ leader Pauline Marois understandably felt that a little damage control was needed.

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