Is God Pro-Life? CDC Data Shows That Miscarriages Are Almost as Frequent as Abortions

With catchphrases like “life begins at conception,” the anti-abortion crowd has been relentlessly pushing the personhood of fertilized human eggs for some time now. The moment sperm and egg meet is a magical moment, creating a brand new, single celled baby — and the law simply must preference the interests of that fertilized egg over the woman whose body it resides in, because anything less is the destruction of a baby God was knitting together in the woman’s womb (whether she wanted it or not). It’s murder. Or slavery. Or worse than slavery. Dammit, it’s a new Holocaust. Scratch that — worse than the Holocaust!

Of course, since some fifty percent of these egg-babies don’t even make it as far as implantation, but are naturally terminated before pregnancy officially begins, this has curious implications for the train of thought that “life begins at conception.” Not in the “here’s the starting point, from which eventually a person develops” sense, but in the sense pro-lifers mean it: “egg + sperm + magic = teeny tiny egg baby.” Particularly for religious pro-lifers.

If life begins at conception, and any interference with that is murder; but God designed the human reproductive process, part of which includes the termination of half of all the fertilized human eggs, then God is either a really lousy engineer to come up with a mass-extermination-of-human-life bug (oops!) or he’s a killer on an epic scale.

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In the Latest New Yorker, a Closer Look at the Murders of Several Bangladeshi Atheists

American author and atheist activist Avijit Roy (below) was murdered this past February during a visit to Bangladesh. His wife, who was also attacked, escaped with her life. Since then, many other atheists (and those with connections to atheists) have died in the country at the hands of Muslim extremists.

In the latest New Yorker, Samanth Subramanian looks at the details of Roy’s death, the 84-person hit list that included his name, and the government’s pathetic response to all of it:

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If Biblical Miracles Had Scientific Explanations

The parting of the Red Sea? The burning bush? Jesus walking on water? A lot of Christians say these miracles defy all rational explanation and help confirm their faith.

Indeed, if those things really happened as the Bible says, atheists have their work cut out for them. But if you wanted to come up with scientific explanations for how those things could have happened, those miracles don’t seem nearly as magical:

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Bill Nye Weighs in on the Star Trek vs. Star Wars Debate

We already know where Neil deGrasse Tyson stands on the Star Wars/Star Trek debate, at least when it comes to the vehicles in both.

So you know Bill Nye had to be asked which series he preferred (the video’s at Rolling Stone‘s website):

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Podcast Ep. 85: Michael De Dora, CFI Public Policy Director and UN Representative

Our latest podcast guest is Michael De Dora, director of the Center for Inquiry’s Office of Public Policy and CFI’s representative to the United Nations. He’s currently the president of the UN’s NGO Committee on Freedom of Religion or Belief.

I spoke with him about what we can do about the bloggers currently under attack in Bangladesh, whether our government is doing anything to protect atheists overseas, and what his conversations are like with the Saudi Arabian representatives at the United Nations.

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