The Daily Show Will Air a Segment This Week About FFRF’s Challenge of a Restaurant’s Prayer Discount

You may remember from this past August how Mary’s Gourmet Diner in Winston-Salem, North Carolina gave customers a 15% discount if they were seen praying before a meal:

Even though the discount was supposedly open to people of all faiths, it was clearly geared toward Christians and offered no alternatives for atheists.

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Richard Dawkins’ Conversation at Kennesaw State University

A couple of weeks ago, Richard Dawkins spoke at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. Video of that conversation, including Q&A, is now online:

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If You Don’t Believe in God, Does It Make Sense to Avoid the “Atheist” Label?

Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn’t believe in God. He’s said as much in interviews. However, he has also made a point of not using the term “atheist” to describe himself.

Tania Lombrozo at NPR wonders if that’s fair. If you fit the description, can you really ignore the label that comes with it?

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Finally, a (Mormon) Porn Site Where Fictional LDS Leaders “Stuff Magic Underwear In Each Other’s Mouths”

I borrowed that laugh-out-loud line from the aptly named Vice; the site has a story on Mormon-themed porn, claiming that it’s a booming business.

Getting off on watching Mormons doing the dirty is a very specific taste, obviously, but catering to such niches is currently where the (porn) money is.

The founder of the pay site, the pseudonymous Legrand Wolf,

had his first locker-room experience at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah. …

“Getting ready for my mission, I was finally exposed to [naked dudes] and I figured it out pretty quickly,” he told me. “But then I was around all these straight hot men, and I had to hide the fact that I was gay despite all this intimacy.”

Wolf eventually had sex with his mission trip partner, which the Mormons suggestively enough call a “companion.” After months of dropped hints and excruciating build-up, Wolf’s sexy French partner finally put the moves on him and they developed a loving relationship. Although his former companion is now married with kids, Wolf says their affair — and the sexual tension leading up to it — changed his life. At the very least, it’s the inspiration for ​, the only gay porn site that caters to some very specific religious fantasies.

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The Producer of The Principle, the Documentary Promoting Geocentrism, Finally Answered My Questions

Last week marked the release of a new documentary called The Principle… which is better known as the movie that claims Copernicus was wrong about the whole “Earth revolves around the sun” thing.

Star Trek‘s Kate Mulgrew is the narrator, but after finding out what the movie was really about, she distanced herself from it immediately, saying on Facebook, “I am not a geocentrist.”

Scientists like Lawrence Krauss and Michio Kaku are also featured in the movie, but they’ve made it clear they didn’t know what the movie was really about either.

So you can imagine my surprise when I received an email last week offering me an interview with the film’s producer Rick DeLano.

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