A Musical Battle of the Sciences

The guys at AsapSCIENCE had me at science and Star Wars and a cappella. Because you really can’t go wrong when you combine those, can you?

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Please Support the Work I Do Through This Site

Over the past couple of years, what began as a personal blog has turned into a hub with several contributors and multiple posts per day. As always, I’d like to continue expanding the reach of this site. That entails bringing on additional contributors with different voices, including more guest posts from people who can offer interesting and different perspectives, creating more YouTube videos, and making the podcasts sound more professional.

In order to facilitate all of this, I’ve created a page at Patreon. (You can now see on that page a list of things I’ve been able to do thanks to your contributions.)

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Only You Can Design a More Jesus-tastic Starbucks Cup

Seattle newsweekly The Stranger is running a coloring contest in which you can make an even more Christmas-y Starbucks cup. Because that’s the only way Baby Jesus will stop crying:

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A Reporter Bought a Bucket of Food from Televangelist Jim Bakker and Gave It a Try

As readers of this site know by now, disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker has been selling giant buckets of food on his show, telling the audience that they’ll want it for when the world collapses during the Last Days. An 8-year supply of food runs you just $2,500.

That may be out of your price range. However, a 50-Day Sampler Bucket, with enough food for 154 meals, only costs $135.

NPR’s Kylie Mohr figured that was within her budget and gave it a try.

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Monroeville (PA) Officials Face Lawsuit Threat After Mayor Opens Meetings with Lord’s Prayer

When it comes to prayer at local government meetings, here’s how the law seems to be working following the Supreme Court’s 2014 Greece decision: City councils can invite local residents to deliver religious (or non-religious) invocations. Or they can have a moment of silence. Or they can do away with all that nonsense and get to work.

What they absolutely cannot do is only have Christian prayers at meetings or have a council member deliver those prayers.

In Monroeville, Pennsylvania, the city council is doing both. And now the ACLU says it will file a lawsuit:

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