Rev. Franklin Graham: “We Should Stop All Immigration of Muslims to the U.S.”

Liberals love to throw around the word “Islamophobic” to describe atheists who criticize Muslim theology or who point out what the Qur’an says. Those atheists (like Sam Harris and Bill Maher) wrongly get accused of hating Muslims, when that’s not the case at all. If you want to see what actual hatred of Muslims looks [Read More…]

Atheist Who Appeared in Anti-Gay Film Will Donate Salary to LGBT Community Center

We know that the lead actors in Ray Comfort‘s anti-gay film Audacity are pro-LGBT rights. We’re not done yet…

I got an interesting email the other day from an extra in the film, who also happens to be an atheist. Mike Martin is a paramedic in the movie. You can see him on the right in the screenshot below:

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After Charleston, Atheist Stands Guard Outside AME Church in Colorado So Members Can Worship in Peace

Following the tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina, there’s understandable tension at black churches across the country as people wonder whether there will be any copycat incidents.

In Colorado, where the First A.M.E. Church in Pueblo (below) will celebrate its 140th anniversary tomorrow, one atheist is making sure the congregation can worship without worry (article is behind a paywall):

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I Don’t Know How This Christian Cross in La Crescent (MN) Got There, but It Needs to Go

The city of La Crescent, Minnesota has this dual cross/star structure sitting on government property. On Christmas, they light up the star. On Easter, they light up the cross. How do they get away with that promotion of Christianity?

Simple. No one ever called them out on it… until now.

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We’re Ignoring the Most Important Questions in a Controversial Circumcision Schism

When Heather Hironimus and Dennis Nebus split up, there was a looming question about whether or not they would circumcise their four-year-old son Chase. They both signed papers saying they would (Nebus would handle the scheduling and payments), but Hironimus had a change of heart afterwards… and ran away with the boy.

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