Restaurant Manager Sends Note to Local Pastor After Waiter Gets a Jesus Pamphlet Instead of a Tip

Last week, Rachel posted about Garrett Wayman, a 17-year-old waiter in Kansas, who was thrilled to find a $20 tip at one of his table… only to discover that it was fake. Instead of cash, he got a message telling him to accept Jesus.


Penny Craver, the general manager of a North Carolina restaurant called Dish, has seen the same thing happening to some of her teenage staffers. One of them had received multiple pamphlets, all from the same church. That’s why she decided to do something about it. Craver looked up the church whose URL was included on the pamphlets — Harbor Baptist Church in Charlotte — and sent Pastor Ken Simmons this message:

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Todd Starnes, Who Doubted Donald Trump’s Faith on Thursday, Says We Shouldn’t Doubt Trump’s Faith

If Donald Trump is as pious as he claims to be, he’s doing a horrible job of winning over the Republican Party’s Christian base.

He bungled a Bible verse, blamed a Christian leader for the error, said he doesn’t ask God for forgiveness for anything, swears in speeches, and called the communion wafer a cracker.

No wonder a lot of conservatives are calling Trump’s Christianity into question. But not Fox News’ Todd Starnes. Instead, Starnes is lashing out against conservatives who doubt Trump’s faith. Because if Trump says he’s religious, who are we to judge what’s in his heart?


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Kansas Senate Leader Bans Women from Wearing “Low-Cut Necklines and Mini-Skirts” at Hearings

Because there are no other problems in Kansas, State Senator Mitch Holmes has decided to tackle the real issue affecting people in the state.

He wants women who testify in front of the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee (which he chairs) to cover themselves up. He issued an 11-point code of conduct and Item 2 on that list focused on what people could wear. He wants “professional attire,” which might be fine, but he made sure to spell that out in detail for the ladyfolk:


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It Looks Like the Entire Football Team Has Been in These Shoes

Before you watch this pro-abstinence video, I just want you to remember one thing.

There exists someone who wrote this script and thought, “Damn. This is really gonna make people think.”


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I Guess CNN Means Jesus is One of the More Recent Fairy Tales

The other day, CNN published an article about how fairy tales might be older than we think. While they grew in popularity in the 1800s, they may have actually spread thousands of years earlier (but never written down).

But reader Daryl noticed an interesting teaser for the story on CNN’s front page:


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