Muslim Writer, Unaware of How Theocracies Work, Says We Must All Accept God to Find Peace

In a remarkably ignorant piece for On Faith, Qasim Rashid explains why a secular society is a bad idea, basically borrowing his talking points from the worst of the Religious Right:

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Creationist Ken Ham: “Homosexual Behavior” Led to 9/11

One of the many problems with Christian theology is this notion that sinning against God — starting with Adam and continuing through today — is the cause for anything bad that happens.

Natural disasters? God’s just punishing us for rebelling against Him.

School shootings? What else did you expect after we removed mandatory Christian prayer from schools?!

And 9/11? The terrorists had nothing to do with it. It’s totally our fault.

That last one is what Creationist Ken Ham says in the video below:

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TV Host Can’t Stop Laughing As Islamic Theologian Tells Her About the Sin of “Oral Sex In Advanced Dimensions”

Here’s a great way to make a news clip go viral:

Invite a Muslim theologian on your show to explain what kind of sex is forbidden (“haram”) in the faith.

Listen carefully as he rattles off his list: Anal sex. Sodomy. And finally: “Oral sex in advanced dimensions.”

Laugh your ass off.

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Mississippi School District Forced to Pay Up After Violating Court Order and Repeatedly Promoting Christianity

I swear I’ve written more articles about the Rankin County School District in Mississippi than anywhere other school district in the country — never for good reasons.

The most pressing story is the one that started in April of 2013, when students at Northwest Rankin High School attended a mandatory assembly featuring representatives from nearby Pinelake Baptist Church who told the students that they needed to accept Jesus in their lives. They even showed a video:

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Todd Starnes Delivers Ignorance-Packed Sermon About the “War on Religious Liberty”

Over the weekend, at Abilene Baptist Church in Georgia, Fox News’ Todd Starnes gave a sermon about the War on Christianity. (I’m sure he’s already hard at work on his next speech all about the difficulties of being white…)

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