High School Principal Encourages Christian Teachers to Teach Creationism and Proselytize to Students

Last Thursday, the newly-formed Louisville Area Christian Educator Support (LACES) group in Kentucky held a meeting for Christian Jefferson County Public Schools faculty members.

So far, that’s perfectly legal. They even paid rent to the district for the meeting space.

Last week’s kickoff meeting for LACES served as a strategy session for the 150 attendees, with organizers sharing ways to spread the good word at work without breaking the rules laid down by separation of church and state — and Kentucky law.

Again, that all sounds fine.

But is it really possible for teachers to “spread the good word” at work without breaking any laws…? Southern High School Principal Bryce Hibbard addressed that concern directly:

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After High School Student Blows Whistle on Christian Abstinence Speaker, She’s Told She Can’t Speak at Graduation

Another quick recap of the Katelyn Campbell story: Christian speaker (and Liberty University graduate) Pam Stenzel was invited to speak at George Washington High School in West Virginia. Student Katelyn Campbell told the media about how it wasn’t an optional assembly. In response, her principal, George Aulenbacher, threatened to tell Wellesley College (Katelyn’s future school) about how she was a “backstabber.” Katelyn told that to the media, too. Wellesley responded with open arms for Katelyn. As it turned out, one of the school board members confessed that her husband helped pay to bring the speaker to school.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="275"]Katelyn Cambell[/caption]

There’s another update and it’s not a good one.

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The School That Gave Students a Creationist Science Quiz Says They’re Making Money Off of It

You all remember the fourth grade “science” test that was circulating online?

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Franklin Graham Takes on the I.R.S.

Franklin Graham must have rejoiced at the news that I.R.S. officials improperly targeted conservative activist groups for audits.

By way of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association — an outfit which not only pays zero taxes, but effectively receives a public subsidy to carry out its ministerial activities — Franklin has worked out quite a felicitous financial arrangement for his fiefdom.

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Yay! We’re on the Horizontal Axis!

A-men Diagram. I like it :)

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