Franklin Graham: Letting Gay People Attend Church Aids the “Enemy” Who Wants to “Devour This Nation”

On his radio show yesterday, Religious Right leader James Dobson played a clip from an event he held last year. In it, Franklin Graham explained to the Christian audience that allowing gay youth into their churches was a big, big mistake.


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Wheaton College Leaders Don’t Deserve Respect for Standing Firm on Their Christian Convictions

Wheaton College is currently mired in a controversy of its own creation, beginning termination proceedings against a professor who said Muslims and Christians believe in the same God, potentially violating the Bible-based school’s Statement of Faith.

While many critics have sided with Professor Larycia Hawkins, Religion News Service’s Trevin Wax says that Wheaton deserves a lot of credit, too. Because they’re standing by their faith, and that’s really, really hard to do in our culture:


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Carly Fiorina Tells Atheist That “Christians Are Being Coerced Not To Practice Their Religion”

Reader Justin Scott, an Iowan who takes his politics seriously, has been going to meet-and-greets with a number of candidates to ask why atheists should consider supporting them.

Yesterday, at a Carly Fiorina rally, he asked the Republican two questions. One was about her support of vouchers (which church/state separation advocates oppose because they allow taxpayer money to fund religious schools) and the other was about her take on religious freedom. The questions were arguably linked since Justin, as an atheist, could say it violates his own beliefs to fund a religious school.

Fiorina gave what amounted to a stump speech on vouchers… but her response to the religious liberty question ended up being all about how Christians are being persecuted.


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Here’s a Video of a Catholic Priest Smacking Kids Upside Their Heads

I didn’t grow up in the Catholic Church, so maybe I’m just unaware of this ritual. But can someone please tell me what the hell is going on here? Why is a priest shaking kids’ heads, hitting them, and pushing them away?


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Christian Pastor: “Feminism Gives Christianity a Bad Name”

Christian Pastor Steven Anderson has never been a fan of feminism.

He has said his daughters “are gonna be taught not to be independent.” And that “normal” women want to follow a leader (that is, unless they’re “reprobate lesbians”). And that women should have no say in how our country is run.

So, by comparison, saying feminism “gives Christianity a bad name” is really anti-climactic. It’s like he’s mellowing out.


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