Devil Who Looks Like Obama Is Cut From ‘Son of God’ Movie; Producers Still Insist U.S. is a ‘Biblical Nation’

One of the big media dustups of 2013 occurred when people watching the History Channel’s miniseries The Bible noticed an uncanny similarity between Satan (portrayed by Moroccan actor Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni) and a certain politician:

When producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey rejiggered their original footage for a 135-minute feature film called Son of God, out next week, the devil ended up without a single scene.

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Why Won’t Michael Farris Respond to Allegations of Sexual Assault at Patrick Henry College?

Days after Kiera Feldman‘s expose of sexual assault at the conservative Christian Patrick Henry College, Chancellor Michael Farris can’t figure out how to respond to the piece.

On his Facebook page, when confronted with a question about allegations made in the article, Farris tried to respond, in part, by claiming he doesn’t run the school (that he founded and is chancellor of…) and that the piece is inaccurate (without further elaboration):

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Peter Watson’s New Book Explores How Atheists ‘Have Sought to Live Since the Death of God’

Journalist and historian Peter Watson has written a lengthy, substantive book about atheism as it has played out over the past 150 years, covering the major players, promoters, and philosophers. It’s called The Age of Atheists: How We Have Sought to Live Since the Death of God and it’s available online beginning today.

In the excerpt below from the introduction to the book, Watson reminds us of the plight of Salman Rushdie and what modern atheism may still be missing:

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Christian Victimhood Is the Subject of Two Movies Called ‘Persecuted,’ but Only One Features Gretchen Carlson

If, after you see the new movie Persecuted, you crave more fantasy fare about the oppression of Christians, I recommend you go see Persecuted.

Both are apparently due this year, and we have the trailers for your viewing pleasure.

First, Persecuted:

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Tell Me Something I Don’t Know: Conservative Pastor Writes That Open-Mindedness and Inquiry Are Enemies of Faith

The first time I chuckled out loud over something Pastor Daniel K. Norris wrote was a couple of weeks ago, when he reminded parents not to brag about their children, only to divulge in the same piece that his daughter is “absolutely gorgeous” and that “I’m raising a Saint!”

Modesty. Norris will no doubt tell you it’s one of his greatest virtues.

Now he’s found my funny bone again, this time by chastising pastors, like those in the Clergy Project, who’ve begun to doubt their faith. He faults them for … not keeping a closed mind.

I was waiting for some kind of twist on that eye-popping statement, some clever reveal, but Norris appears to mean it in all earnestness. Keeping your mind closed, he says, is the only lasting path to Jesus.

Open-mindedness is celebrated as an enlightened virtue, one that should be embraced at all times towards all things. Yes, there are a multitude of things that I do not know, and I am very much open to learning. I love the art of discovery, as all God’s children should.

However, sooner or later, your path of discovery has to lead you to a place of decision.

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