So This Is How You Make a Creationist Documentary…

Tyler Francke found Ray Comfort‘s notes:

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This is the Bible Accessory Atheists Have Been Waiting For

I’m just saying: If Zach Myrow‘s Salt Bible were available in stores, I’d pick one up in a heartbeat.

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Bill Maher: Atheism is ‘the New Gay Marriage’

Why won’t comedian Bill Maher be running for Congress anytime soon?

Because he thinks his atheism will get in the way.

In an interview with Hollywood site TheWrap, Maher chatted with host Sharon Waxman about the lack of representation of atheists in politics — and how it doesn’t quite match up with the rising number of atheists in the country. He told her that while the percentage of atheists in America is approaching 15%, “we have zero representation.” As a person who’s pretty public about his atheism, he should know:

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Secular Coalition for America Gives Cory Booker an ‘A’ and Chris Christie an ‘F’ in Latest Scorecards

The Secular Coalition for America (in conjunction with the Secular Coalition for New Jersey) just released its scorecards for the upcoming gubernatorial and senatorial elections in New Jersey and, in both races, the grades couldn’t be further apart.

In the October 16 special election to Frank Lautenberg‘s senate seat, Democrat Cory Booker is running against Republican Steve Lonegan.

The SCA gave Booker an “A” on issues of church/state separation while Lonegan received an “F”:

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Pope Emeritus Benedict on Sexual Abuse: ‘I Never Tried to Cover Up These Things’

I guess writing for La Repubblica has become the trendy thing to do among the papal set lately.

Just a couple weeks after Pope Francis’ published response to the paper’s open letter made headlines, his predecessor (Benedict, now called Pope Emeritus) has written a letter for the same publication, in which he takes on critiques from Italian mathematician and atheist Piergiorgio Odifreddi — including, naturally, criticism of the Catholic Church’s handling of clerics’ sexual abuse of minors.

On that subject, Benedict defended the Church, insisting that the percentage of abuser priests is comparable to the percentage of abusers in any other profession. (Though you really would think a divinely-led institution could manage a little better than the rest, no?)

Perhaps in reaction to speculation that he retired in a bid to evade responsibility for abuse cover-ups, a meme that ran rampant around the time of his resignation, Benedict made a point of explaining that he had nothing to do with concealing sexual abuse in the priestly ranks:

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