Satan Tried To Kill This Pastor’s Truck… With Rust

Dave Zacker, an end-times minister and street preacher from Michigan, is not about to let the devil get the better of him. The wily Lord of the Flies tried to destroy pastor Dave’s pickup truck… with rust. Dave has video evidence, and he’s not afraid to share it:

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Charisma Writer Claims That the Christian Left is Responsible for Declining Religiosity

Do you ever stop and think, “You know, if only modern Christianity was a little more vocal in the public square, a little more judgmental in general, and a little more obsessed with abortion and gay sex, then maybe I could buy into it… but they’re just too soft and fluffy nowadays for me”?

Me neither. But Christian writer and activist Chelsen Vicari, writing for Charisma, sees this as a significant problem leading to declining church membership.

The church, she believes, has gone soft and abandoned the hard truths in favor of acceptance. Simply put, “the Christian Left is twisting the Gospel.”

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Afghani Feminist in Metal Body Suit Is Driven Off the Streets of Kabul and Forced Into Hiding

This piece of declarative performance art would be brave enough on the streets of any European capital. In Kabul, it’s downright dangerous, as Kubra Khademi found out.

An Afghan artist has been forced into hiding after receiving death threats for dressing in a metal suit featuring exaggerated breasts and buttocks,

… a custom-made outfit intended to drive home her assertion that “this is all that men see of women.”

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Naughty Schoolchildren Told to Lie Face Down on the Floor While Teacher Phones God

When Sheila Jones called the Almighty on her mobile phone, she only pretended to speak to him (she probably knew from experience that God never actually picks up).

The headmistress of a Roman Catholic Primary School in Devizes has been accused of making children lie face down on the floor while she pretends to ring God on her mobile phone to say they have been naughty. Parents say they were outraged that head Sheila Jones humiliated their children, and have written to Ofsted [the government’s Office of Standards in Education] and the school governors.

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A Letter to the Muslim Action Forum Regarding Blasphemy in the U.K.

This is a guest post by Caleb Powell. Caleb blogs for the Karachi based Express Tribune. He co-authored the book/film I Think You’re Totally Wrong: A Quarrel, published by Knopf and premiering this spring at Vancouver’s DOXA Documentary Film Festival. He also writes at Arguments Worth Having.

The fallout from the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris has led to a debate between free speech and censorship. In the United Kingdom, the Muslim Action Forum, funding “Be careful with Mohammad” billboards (seen above), recently issued a press release asking that an upcoming May, 2015 vote include a measure to make certain types of speech a “culpable offense.”

So I wrote them this letter:

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