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Is Doubt a Sin?
A clip of Elevation mega-pastor Steven Furtick on faith and doubt has generated much discussion recently. My friend and Patheos colleague Owen Strachan wrote a strongly worded response piece to this... Read more
by Esther O’Reilly | Young Fogey
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Faith Isn’t Just About Beliefs—It's About Your Life's Direction
When all doubt disappears, what’s left is certitude–knowing. And that’s not the same as faith. Marriage is moving and acting in a certain trajectory despite uncertainties. All beliefs are like this:... Read more
by Tim Suttle | Paperback Theology
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I Want To Believe: Introduction
With Sick Pilgrim, we assumed radical honesty and spiritual accompaniment would make the road of belief easier to walk. In some ways, that’s been true. But the road has only gotten more perilous. Read more
by Matt Lafleur | Sick Pilgrim
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Mormon Mother Denied a Temple Recommend After Breastfeeding in Church
The bishop allegedly told the woman to cover herself up so men wouldn't have sexual thoughts. Read more
by Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist
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Where Have You Come From and Where Are You Going?
A teacher once asked why people immigrate; her simple overarching answer: in search of a better life. Most Americans are descendants of immigrants; many have stories of how families came to the U.S. Read more
by Hebrew College Wendy Linden | Seventy Faces of Torah
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'Mission Impossible: Fallout': What Happened to the Vatican?
"Mission Impossible: Fallout," out now, is a wild ride that asks some big questions: Is one life worth more than many? Do we risk everything for love? Should we kick people out of helicopters? Read more
by Kate O'Hare | Kate O'Hare's Pax Culturati
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