Christian Pastor: Women Should Have No Say in How Our Country is Run

Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona is back with another one of his offensive, misogynistic sermons! (His sermon about how his wife cooks for him was incredibly popular, but this one is bound to be on the Greatest Hits album.)

The subject: How good it is to be old-fashioned.

Just as before, highlights are below, because I watched the whole damn thing. His actual words are in quotation marks. My paraphrases of his words are not.

8:50: Newer isn’t always better. “It’s called evolution… You’re being brainwashed by this all the time.” They say everything is better today, like “back in the 1800s, it was horrible because of this, this, and that.” (Hemant’s note: You mean slavery? Yes, I think times are better now.)

11:23: “You want to talk about being old-fashioned? My wife doesn’t work. And she never has since we’ve gotten married. That’s old-fashioned. That’s the way our country was built. That’s the way people did it for thousands of years. Did you hear me? Thousands of years! [Sarcastically:] But the way we do it is better because it’s new. It’s modern. It’s advanced… No, there’s nothing advanced about this Communist system where men and women both go to work and put their children in a government institution to be raised by the government and brainwashed and taught by the government.”

16:02: “… If a preacher just gets up and preaches basic Bible principles and Bible doctrine, he’s labeled a “radical.” I mean, I, today, Pastor Steven L. Anderson, just your average everyday preacher, am looked at today as some kind of a foaming-at-the-mouth, insane, radical person! I mean, does anybody dispute that that is the way that the world out there views Pastor Steve Anderson? I mean, if the media interviews me, if I’m in the newspaper, if I’m on TV, it’s always, ‘This guy’s nuts! This guy’s so radical! This guy is on the fringe and the extreme! This guy does not represent mainstream Christianity! This guy does not represent the Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement! This guy is just WAY out there!”

17:01: I’m speaking at a college tomorrow and it’s like I’m an “animal at the zoo” because they can’t believe anyone thinks like me!

18:12: “There is nothing that I preach that is not in this book!” I’m not radical! The Bible is radical!

19:05: If you think that our society is satisfied now, you’re wrong! “If you think… ‘Now that all the queers are out of the closet, now that, you know, all this promiscuity is acceptable and all the wickedness and sin is acceptable, and TV is filled with smut from sun=up to sun-down’… listen to me, they are never satisfied. I mean, the Socialists in our government are never satisfied. They’ll be satisfied when our country looks like the Soviet Union or something. And then they probably still won’t be satisfied.”

20:00: The liberals in the government “won’t be happy until they control every person on this planet with a CCTV camera pointed at them at all times. And an implantable microchip in their body. That’s when they’ll be satisfied. I mean, they’ll never be satisfied, my friend.”

20:22: “And even these perverts today that want you to accept sodomy and being a homo, they’re not satisfied with that. Next, it’s like, ‘Well, what about transgender?’ And, I mean, once you accept that, it’ll be pedophilia!”

23:05: The Bible says women are supposed to be sober. “That means get off the drugs. You say, ‘Well, nobody in our church is smoking pot.’ Well, what about all the other drugs? What about all the other mind-altering drugs that you’re on for your [big quote fingers] ‘depression’? For your ‘anxiety’?… No Christian ought to be on psychiatric meds, period.”

23:59: “Don’t go to a psychiatrist. Go to get some preaching. Go to the Holy Bible, not a psychiatrist. Not the pharmaceutical industry.”

26:17: Women, be pure! You have to be virgins until marriage! Be faithful in mind and body! “That means you’re not reading romance novels and thinking about some Prince Charming. You better think about the guy that you’re married to! That’s who you ought to love, not some fictional Fabio-looking character off some book that you read…”

27:43: Women, stay at home! “This is Biblical preaching!… It’s what our country was built upon.”

29:11: “I expect my wife to do the housekeeping, but in return for that, I pay the bills. I bring home the bacon.”

29:55: “Today we have women’s rights! We’ve come a long way, baby! And today, you know, [in a mocking voice] ‘Oh those horrible, horrible days when women had no rights’… Let’s bring them back! Let’s get back to those days! [Fake scream] What are you so worried about? What do you think they mean when they say ‘women’s rights’? You know what they mean? The right to divorce your husband is what they mean. You know what they mean? The right to rebel and disobey your husband. The right to divorce him. The right to go out and get a job and make your own money. The right to tell him what to do. The right to go vote for our leaders as if women should have any say in how our country is run, when the Bible says that ‘I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence’? I AM QUOTING THE BIBLE RIGHT NOW! But it’s old-fashioned.”

31:46: “You look at me like I’m insane when I preach this kind of stuff, and yet it’s in the [Bible]! There’s no teaching in the Bible that says that women are supposed to rule over and lead men. It’s not there! But yet, today, if you get up and say, ‘Hey, I believe in a man-run nation, a man-led church, and a man-led home’… oh, you’re so old-fashioned. Well, thank you. I appreciate the compliment. Because the old [path] is the good way.”

32:11: “If you say, ‘I don’t believe wives should be obedient to their husbands’, you’re probably not saved! Did you hear me?!”

33:10: “If you believe in evolution, after you’ve read the clear scripture in Genesis 1 that tells you, you’re not saved!”

35:00: When God tells you how Creation happened “and then you’re gonna turn around and say, ‘No, I think it’s millions of years old’, you didn’t get that from the Bible. You got that from a lying, atheist, devil down at the university!”

40:00: “Thou shalt beat” [your child]. Underline those three words in your Bible… you say, oh that’s unkind. No, it’s unkind to let your child go to hell. It’s unkind to not love your child and therefore not to discipline them, because the Bible says ‘He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.’ It’s old-fashioned, my friend!

46:18: “When you see on girls the short shorts and the tank tops, not even a prostitute would’ve dressed that way. Did you hear me? Not even a prostitute!”

48:38: “What if I came to church next week wearing a skirt, and I tuck in my shirt and tie, and I get up and I preach in a skirt? Is that acceptable? What if it’s a really manly skirt? No. Because it’s a woman’s garment.”

49:55: Let’s do a showcase of men’s fashion… see all the men wearing pants up here? That’s because men wear pants. Ladies, don’t wear pants! Wear skirts and dresses!

54:59: “If somebody gets up and says, ‘Hey, I wear the pants in my family, both figuratively and literally’, then basically, you’re called the Taliban. You’re Al-Qaeda. You’re an extremist. You’re a fundamentalist…”

55:58: “What has it done for us, dressing the women like men? What has it done? All it’s done is made ‘em act like men!”

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  • observer
  • Graham Martin-Royle

    “What do you think they mean when they say ‘women’s rights’? You know what they mean? The right to divorce your husband is what they mean. You know what they mean? The right to rebel and disobey your husband. The right to divorce him. The right to go out and get a job and make your own money. The right to tell him what to do. The right to go vote for our leaders ”

    Is he seriously saying that any of these things is bad?

    There are so many things wrong with this sermon it’s impossible to know where to start. He’s right about one thing though,he is “a foaming-at-the-mouth, insane, radical person”.

  • brian schneider

    What an unbelievable asshole.
    One of my best friends is an Anglican minister and even SHE
    called this guy an asshole.

  • mama

    “You look at me like I’m insane when I preach this kind of stuff, and yet it’s in the [Bible]!”

    ^^This right here. His audience is looking bewildered because they don’t read enough of the Bible on their own. Once a preacher like this starts quoting immoral verses they never realized were in the Bible, the smart ones start to wonder, “What kind of a nutzy religion am I in?” Come on over to the rational side, I say. Welcome to atheism.

  • icecreamassassin

    This cat may be my new favorite comedian…
    …wait, he’s serious??!?!?!?

  • Gregory Shefler

    He is right about a very important thing: it’s in the bible. The bible IS radical.

  • Rich Wilson
  • dorothy30

    you know what’s really wrong here? not this guy – he’s just an idiot, but there’s plenty of idiots in the world. plenty of people with extremist views, plenty of people with mental illnesses, or delusions.

    The real problem here is that enough people support his views that he’s able to continue to voice them and make a living at it. I’d like to hear from some of the people who sit in the pews at his church every week. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? if they didn’t keep showing up and contributing money, he wouldn’t be able to continue his hateful diatribe, and he wouldn’t get the publicity he is getting.

  • Richard H.

    “No Christian ought to be on psychiatric meds, period.”

    That’s too bad, because it sure sounds like he could use them.

  • A3Kr0n

    Not even worth reading. I’m still thinking about the Methodist minister TTA interviewed.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    I know people think like this, but I can’t take him serious. He has to be trolling.

  • Christina M.

    This is a joke, right? This guy cannot really have people listening to him and taking him seriously, right? Right?

  • icecreamassassin

    Yes, he is seriously saying those things are bad.

    Ergo, yes, he is an immoral s**t who thinks himself righteous. He is a short-sighted a**hole who has no understanding of the human condition.

    He is VH1, Robocop 2, and Back to the Future III.

    “What has it done for us, dressing the women like men? What has it done? All it’s done is made ‘em act like [human beings]!”
    …and he can’t have any of *that* noise.

  • Compuholic

    Well I’m sure it is good for him to be old-fashioned. For his wife not so much…

  • Ren

    Oh god, he’s from my state, he’s from my state, he’s from my state. My soul is crying.

    This man? This man is not the whole of Arizona. Cacti are the whole of Arizona. Desert. A crappy football team. This man? No. Just no.

    Also, Tempe is the same city that ASU is in. I don’t imagine he’s getting that many followers.

  • houndies

    Holeeee sh****t! This guy is too much! Is he really so stupid? Women didn’t used to work? WTF? Women have always, always worked. They worked the farms, they worked when the men went to war. Does he think when the men were off fighting the Civil War the women just say around fretting and chewing their nails wondering who they would make three meals a day for?? Hopefully he will inspire more people to say “wow! the bible really does say that! xtianity really is stupid! I’m outa here!” This is the kinda guy you’d love to see have his ass kicked by a woman.

  • Caroline

    But if it says in the Bible “I suffer not a woman to teach…” then how would a woman be allowed to homeschool her children? If we aren’t allowed to send children to school and can’t homeschool them then my husband needs to stay home to teach my children. But then who will earn money? And if all the men are staying home to teach their children who will actually be in the work force since women can’t work either? How will society function if no one can work because the bible says so? Why am I even trying to make sense of this?

  • trj

    He’s putting the “mental” into fundamentalist.

  • Andreas Müller

    Pure logic: from a single contradiction, everything can be derived. There are contradictions in the bible, so everything is in the bible. Also all the things that are not true. But there is no arguing with morons, of course.

  • Ahab

    “My wife doesn’t work. And she never has since we’ve gotten married. That’s old-fashioned. That’s the way our country was built. That’s the way people did it for thousands of years.”

    Uh, no. Women have worked outside the home in different cultures and eras, so it’s not a modern phenomenon. Furthermore, in cultures where women remained in the domestic sphere, they did a lot of demanding physical work around the home and farm. Women have always WORKED, even if they didn’t get credit for it.

    “No Christian ought to be on psychiatric meds, period.”

    Tell that to people who struggled with mental illnesses and whose lives have been greatly improved by medication.

    “‘Oh those horrible, horrible days when women had no rights! … Let’s bring them back! Let’s get back to those days!”

    You mean the days when husbands could beat wives with impunity? When rape victims were stoned or ostracized? When wives and daughters were chattel? When society was deprived of 50% of its potential talent because females weren’t educated or given wide opportunities? NO THANK YOU.

    “Thou shalt beat” [your child]. Underline those three words in your Bible.”

    Beating a child is physical assault, punishable under the law. Underline that in your criminal code, dumbass.

    “You got that from a lying, atheist, devil down at the university!”

    You mean Professor Lou Cifer? He’s cool. He’s advisor to the Atheist Club. He helped me with my senior thesis on bringing about the collapse of godly society. Don’t knock him.

  • Randomfactor

    Tell it to your Governor. I’m sure she’d love to hear it.

  • Chengis Khan

    So all that koran burning hoopla is plain waste since christianity is discovered that bible also says the same – except for the you cannot stone a prostitute bit.

  • Rain

    Oh yay the nag pastor again. He sure nags a lot. Nag nag nag, He belongs in the kitchen cooking meatloaf or something.

  • Mario Strada

    Well,. so far the camera has never pointed in the other direction. For all we know, it could be his wife and kids on the other side and a tape recorder with crowd sounds.

  • Rich Wilson

    Someone in the last post comments found some pics of his congregation. It was pretty small. Less than 50 for sure, if that.

  • The Other Weirdo

    Oh, for the love of the Ancient, Evil Ones™, this guy again? Sometimes I wonder if atheists aren’t the ones who prolong these people’s existence. Every time they say something, we jump on it and publish it and talk about it. Way to fondle their 15 minutes of fame.

  • John Evans

    fund – to give money to
    a- prefix indicating negation
    mental – involving thought
    fundamental – to give money without thinking

  • indorri

    I tend to take guys like this in stride these days. Yadda, yadda, lying devil atheists, evolution is a lie, whatever.

    But there were two statements in there which enflamed me.

    1) his tirade against mental health, is the most irresponsible thing I’ve ever heard. Shit like this is why practicing therapy should be regulated heavily.

    2) “””Thou shalt beat” [your child]. Underline those three words in your Bible… you say, oh that’s unkind. No, it’s unkind to let your child go to hell.””

    That right there is worthy of a slit throat. This vile, despicable piece of shit us trying to justify child abuse, and is scaring his listeners into instigating it by threats of violence. This is the one time I would agree with cipher in requiring forcible sterilization.

  • The Other Weirdo

    If you’re gonna quote the bible, at least use the full quotation. 1 Timothy 2:12 isn’t about children. It’s about men.

  • Ronixis

    This person clearly deserves criticism, but that’s not a good way to go about it. There are plenty of reasonable people with mental illnesses who require medication, and using that group as an insult isn’t right.

  • Richard Wade

    I was thinking more like

  • allein

    Off topic, but my local radio station morning show is obsessed with inserting the goat screams into various annoying songs. It was funny the first time but they just won’t. let. it. go. Sorry, had to vent for a sec.

  • Edmond

    He doesn’t just rail against anti-depressants, he comes down on the entire pharmaceutical industry. He has such a problem with mind-altering drugs, but what about body-altering? What about drugs for blood-pressure and cholesterol? What about insulin and nitroglycerin and neurontin? Are those OK? Can Christians go to the “sorcerer” for those? Or did God WANT people to have diabetes, angina, and seizures?
    I HOPE nuts like this are driving people OUT of this nutty religion. Not only for his sexist, patriarchal drivel, but for the REAL HARM he’ll do by telling people to get off their meds. Maybe someone could sue him. He’s surely NOT a licensed doctor, but telling people not to take their anti-depressants could be construed as practicing without a license.

  • decathelite

    If somebody gets up and says, ‘Hey, I wear the pants in my family, both figuratively and literally’, then basically, you’re called the Taliban. You’re Al-Qaeda. You’re an extremist. You’re a fundamentalist…”

    This could only be said by a guy who has never seen a picture of women under Taliban rule. This is why Christianity is losing. Blatant lying and hyper-exaggeration. Any Christian lurkers reading here take note. And then have the courage to stand up to guys like this and tell them to stop.

  • WoodyTanaka

    I have come to the conclusion that disenfranchising evangelical Christians is the only hope we have.

  • Witchgawd

    This guy is awesome dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. I need to get a schedule of his tour dates. Sarcastic comedy like this only comes around every so often and I don’t want to miss this. Wait….this isn’t a poe?

  • named

    Alright, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have a BIG problem with this guy criticizing the Taliban. How does he think he gets a free pass when using his literal scripture to boss people around, using fear and intimidation as his weapons, and yet when other groups do the same thing, they are apparently evil. They are all traditional fundamentalists! That kind of stuff is how old-fashioned ways of life work, but he spends the first half hour complaining about how the good-old days were so much better…

    I can’t decide if this is general hypocrisy or just plain not liking muslims.

  • Librepensadora

    So real men don’t wear skirts? What about the KILT, the traditional (“old-fashioned”) garment of Scotsmen?

  • Rich Wilson

    No apology- it is a ‘funny once’.

  • Rich Wilson
  • Holytape

    “This and that” = flush toilets.

  • Xuuths

    His clothes absolutely look like a blend of more than one fabric — ABOMINATION!
    He has shaven his beard and trimmed his locks — ABOMINATION!
    The hypocrisy is extreme.

  • phranckeaufile

    Is there any doubt that if this guy had been born in Afghanistan, he would be Taliban?

  • baal

    So much unending wrong there. I’ll only mention one: “No Christian ought to be on psychiatric meds, period.”

    Um. No. I’ve talked to more than a few mentally ill folks (and may even be related to them) and they pretty much all agree that meds are a good thing and shoveling god solved nothing. In fact, in most cases the religious based (crappy amateurs with delusional issues) therapy winds up making mental illnesses worse.

  • The Godless Monster

    They don’t refer to them as the American Taliban for nothing.

  • Mandy

    Just so you know, Pastor Steve, Jesus never wore pants.

  • eric

    I’m sure he’d tell you that Jesus was American and all those foreigners are ruled by the devil.

  • Freemage

    Well, you have to remember, like pretty much all faitheads, he’s a dualist. Accepting the notion that our actions and thoughts have a biological origin pretty much puts paid to the notion of a ‘soul’ somehow distinct from the body. So he HAS to deny the effectiveness of psychotropic drugs, because they treat a problem that prayer does not.

    Yes, it’s vile and reprehensible, but that’s where dualism ultimately leads.

  • cipher

    17:01: I’m speaking at a college tomorrow and it’s like I’m an “animal at the zoo” because they can’t believe anyone thinks like me!

    Imagine that.

    Women Should Have No Say in How Our Country is Run

    I think fundamentalists should have no say in how our country is run. We’re even.

  • David Starner

    So why are we listening to this guy? He has a tiny congregation and no media outlet that takes him seriously besides YouTube. Outrage is a cheap high, but wouldn’t it be better to focus on getting outraged over what’s being said that might actually matter?

  • coyotenose

    I especially love the last quote, where he admits that acting how he thinks a man should act is a negative thing.

  • coyotenose


  • latraviata

    His vassals are predominantly immigrants, very vulnarabel people, he promises them eternal life after they get saved, so I am afraid they are gullible to this idiot’s diarrhea of insanity. He presents himself as very educated because he knows almost the whole Bible by heart and has 3 fire certificates, no college though.

  • Sokratez

    Actually, women always worked. The worked in home production. They cooked, made clothes, tended livestock, made household implements, and helped bring in the crops at harvest time. For the majority of human history, the majority of things people owned were made at home by women.

  • Emma

    “You look at me like I’m insane when I preach this kind of stuff, and yet it’s in the [Bible]!”

    Yeah, because immoral and wrong words being in a two thousand year old book of mythology puts any justification behind the horrible stuff you’re saying, right.

    This man takes what ever faith in humanity I might have at any given moment and crushes it to a million tiny pieces.

  • Darrell Cadieux

    This guy is one of the most brainwashed assholes I have EVER heard…..its hard to listen to. What did everyone think of his diatribe: At 35:10 he talks about the bible says that the creation storey of Gen. is true…..but then you say….”No…its millions of years old….You didn’t get that from the bible….you got that from, ‘A Lying Atheist Devil Down At The University”……I just HOWLED laughing.

  • Matt

    The more scripture this guy reveals the more “atheist devils” he creates. Lets hope he keeps preaching the bible!

  • latraviata

    As an emiratus developmental psychology professor I can honestly say that many children I have been treating were severely damaged because of a religious upbringing.

  • Wren

    What is a fire certificate?

  • latraviata

    Fire diplomas, sorry English is not my first language and Anderson (aka the pissing priest) describes them as such. He owns a fire and securaty company.

  • Highlander

    There has actually been research done (sorry, I can’t give you a citation, I don’t remember where I read it) that shows historically, garments that sheath both legs separately like trousers only developed in cultures where the weather was extremely cold (burr) or where the horse was a mode of transportation (ouch chaffing)

  • trj

    If you’re thinking of the “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”, then that bit was added about three centuries after the gospels were written. It’s not found in the original gospels. Some anonymous scribe got creative and put the words into Jesus’ mouth centuries later.

  • Stev84

    The Romans originally considered trousers barbaric and uncivilized. They were only adopted by the military when they moved into colder regions of Europe.

  • Alan Eckert

    “Hemant’s note: You mean slavery? Yes, I think times are better now.”

    Also medical care, productivity, communication, transportation

  • obbop

    Give the dames equal rights AND equal responsibilities!!!!!

    Demanding responsibilities is noticeably lacking among the dames.

    I have never heard the rights wrangling wimmen’ demanding the requirement to sign up for the draft as males are required to… facing severe consequences if they don’t.

  • wmdkitty

    Uh. I agree with BOTH of you.

    Dude could really use a psych eval and some meds.

    But no, it ain’t cool to use those of us with mental illnesses like that — most of us are well-medicated and functional, TYVM.

  • wmdkitty

    Hey, where’s Eddie?

  • marilove

    And I usually really LIKE Tempe!

  • kaydenpat

    Women, stay at home! “This is Biblical preaching!… It’s what our country was built upon.”

    Really? Which Black women didn’t work during slavery?

    “The right to rebel and disobey your husband.”

    Rebel and disobey your husband? What the …?

    “Thou shalt beat” [your child].”

    There’s a text in the Bible that says that?

    “Women, be pure! You have to be virgins until marriage!”

    Just the women. The men can screw around before marriage, I guess.

  • kaydenpat

    Actually a lot of what he says is not in the Bible.

  • kaydenpat

    I also wonder if he voted for Palin as VP in 2008 if women shouldn’t even be allowed to vote in his worldview.

  • ThatGuy

    Just asking out of curiosity, what part is not in the bible? Just a quick google search of the bold highlights allow me to find:

    1 Peter 5:8: Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

    Proverbs 23:13-14: Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die.
    Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell.

    1 Timothy 2:11-12: A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man;[b] she must be quiet.

  • ThatGuy

    Lets not mention all the times he has contridicted himself. Looks like he really learned from his book, huh?

  • cipher

    THANK you.

    (Point of clarification: I never said sterilization. I said they should be prohibited from reproducing.)

  • Laura D

    In spite of the rest of the crazy, he’s actually got our number with that bit about “women’s rights”.
    Among many other things, yeah “they” do believe women should be able to vote and work and
    get a divorce if they want to. But I guess those would be crazy ideas if you’re basing your ideas on a book that was written several thousand years ago.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Oh, take your MRA bullshit and Fuck off. You’re not going to find a sympathetic ear here. Especially when you talk about us so condescendingly, all while lying and blabbing about something that’s not even our fault.

    Also, get over yourself. The fact that we don’t meet your one, highly specific demand doesn’t mean we’re not meeting our responsibilities.

  • Fractal Heretic

    This is why watching fundamentalists argue with progressive Christians is like watching a train wreck. I have nothing against the progressives, but I think they’re ill-equipped to combat bigotry, because the bigots are right: the Bible is clearly on their side.

  • JUDI


  • JUDI


  • Kristin

    He’s also the opposite of Batman.

  • Kristen Fournier

    I’m pretty sure the Proverbs 31 woman had a job.

  • Steve Dutch

    Are you satisfied that “TV is full of smut from sun-up to sun-down?” Not me! What are we supposed to do in the evenings?

    As for women not bossing men around, ever hear of an Old Testament judge named Deborah? Or her contemporary Jael, who killed the Canaanite commander by driving a tent stake through his head? They played for big stakes.

  • Anna

    Some of the more extreme groups extend that prohibition to male children, too, though.

  • Hypatia’s Daughter

    Hmm, I wonder if he deals with women in his work? Like, is it O.K. if a woman orders a fire system and writes him a check in payment? Does he refuse a job because MEN should be making business decisions and handling money?

  • Camorris

    I hope his wife’s true friends are monitoring her for signs of mental and/or physical distress and willing to rescue her.

  • Atheistiana

    This guy is one God Hates Fags sign away from Westboro Baptist Church. Have you read his wife’s blog? Equally scary! For a subservient woman, she sure is mouthy.

  • fsm

    I was curious where this was in Tempe after seeing the pictures of the interior of his church. The address is a strip mall on the Phoenix-Tempe border that was built on the site of a very old graveyard. I seem to recall quite a bit of controversy when they wanted to move it for development. When I was a child that graveyard was on an unwanted piece of property, now it is some of the most sought after real estate in that area.

  • Feminerd

    But only with each other, because all the women are either pure or married.

  • StallChaser

    It’s still valid in cases like his, where the men are indistinguishable from children.

  • onamission5

    Because people like this guy have the power to influence others. Because people like this guy have children who will need help and understanding later, and it is important to know what they’ve grown up in. Because people like this guy are saying out loud what an awful lot of quiet individuals actually think, and just don’t say so, they just act like this behind closed doors. Because the other option– not listening to this guy and ignoring him– leaves us ignorant to what the shitbags are peddling, and ignorant to the abuse under which other suffer because of guys like this.
    Because if someone had known what teenaged me had grown up in, they might have been able to, you know, help me, rather than me having to extricate myself alone.

  • karlleuba

    Someone needs a history lesson. !850, nearly everyone was working. By age 6 the children were doing “Chores” on the homestead. Feeding Chickens, cleaning barns, and both the womenfolk and the menfolk were in the fields cultivating, planting, harvesting, threshing, combing, spinning, and cooking and washing and all the rest of the tasks that kept life viable. The pastor is nuts. Cleopatra may have relaxed on her barge on the Nile, but it took an squadron of men and women to keep her fed and happy on that floating Zanadu.

  • karlleuba

    And Ruth was a gleaner, harvesting the grain of the fields left behind by the harvesters. Even in the Fairy Tales women worked. Jack’s Mother was a washerwoman and seamstress. Cinderella was a scullery maid. The Mansion staff included women in many positions. Women have always worked,

  • smar

    Are we sure he’s not performing some elaborate standup routine/Agony Uncles cosplay?

    Because if so it would be a very good one.

  • SaturNine

    Anyone who can’t draw a distinction between what Jesus said himself and what his followers said after he was dead just ain’t trying. And has an agenda, one way or another.

  • GentleGiant

    Anyone who thinks what’s in the Bible is a direct, verbatim quote from a guy who might not have ever existed as a single person just ain’t trying. Or has an agenda, one way or another.

  • Anon

    I’d like to know what channel he’s watching.

  • Anon

    And what about families like mine where the supposed ‘head of the family’ decided he couldn’t be fucked with the whole ‘raising a child’ thing and pissed off before I was born?

    You know what I’d like to happen to this guy. I’d like him to have to spend a day in the shoes of women in bad situations. Women who are abused, discriminated against, stuck in horrible, desperate situations and prevented from holding the rights that most western women do.

    After all, that’s the sort of situation he WANTS to happen. Surely he should be IN FAVOUR of the men’s actions. He WANTS women to have no rights to escape an abusive marriage. He wants them to have no rights, no education, no job.

    Either that or I’d quite like to punch him in the face. While wearing pants. And a tank top.

  • Carmelita Spats

    The only way we know that “Jesus said” is because scribes, copyists, redactors and propagandists decided to edit, forge, insert, rewrite, interpret on the margins, scribble against each other, censor out, translate and delete from copies of copies of copies…All by hand and without a word processor and through the inspiration of political agendas. The bible is propaganda literature of the lowest kind…What “Jesus said” is irrelevant.

  • RyanT

    Literally everything he said is in the Bible, and much worse. Most people pick and choose what to believe. If nothing else, at least this guy isn’t a hypocrite.

  • Lori F – MN

    Listening to this guy would make a great drinking game! Just think. Every time he says ‘bible’, take a shot.
    And Hemant, thank you for taking one for the team. Listening to him must have been torture.

  • Jill

    Ugh, usually this kind of nonsense comes out of where I no longer live (Indiana), but Tempe is right in my backyard. Heading over there in a few minutes, actually.

    Also I usually don’t root for sports (and could care about team rivalries in general), but with his reference to ASU (a “devil down at the university”), I say, GO ASU SUN DEVILS!

    F that guy.

  • Artor

    Anyone who thinks Jesus was an actual living, breathing person needs to review the historical evidence for this…of which there is none.

  • Artor

    Regressive is the proper adjective. Why do these people think that getting their moral code from bronze-age barbarians is a good thing?

  • MichaelL65

    OK. I can’t decide who is nuttier: This guy, or, Third Eagle of the Apocalypse, William Tapley.

  • tramky

    The effects on society that this fellow rails about are, in general, true. The notion that mothers and fathers are both to ‘work’, while sending their children off to government-run schools is, now, not working so well. Schools have become a bastion of indoctrination and what amounts to brainwashing by liberal Progressive social engineers. That is decidedly NOT producing a society of functional people. If Mehta doubts this, I’m sure a day or two in the inner elements of his nearby Chicago will demonstrate this truth. Chaos reins–and I do NOT mean just the violence and murder. We would ALL benefit by seeing video clips of what goes on INSIDE the houses of inner-city Chicago black families. You will see chaos and emotional brutality. Don’t think for a MINUTE that other families in these places are like yours–it is a huge mistake. You simply would not believe what goes on in many of those households–you wouldn’t believe it.

  • coyotenose

    I’m sorry that you’re too gawdawful ignorant and hate-ridden to realize that women have been trying to get into combat roles for decades, even though it’s common knowledge. It even made headlines this past month

    Not that it would even give you a point if they weren’t, since you’re stupidly equating the right to work a job and EAT with the responsibility and requirements of an armed soldier, Dimwit.

  • coyotenose

    Yep. On some level, they get that their definition of “free will” is entirely dependent on the mind being magically separate from all biological agencies. Otherwise, the fact that a mentally ill person can’t make choices as freely as a healthy person instantly vaporizes their entire belief system.

    In consequence, they have to attack treatments for the mentally ill, because admitting that those treatments can work is admitting that unaided, those people couldn’t choose Jesus or Sin, or bacon over porkchops or whatever.

  • Mommamayi

    He’s defending himself with the bible. It’s the bible that’s old fashioned.

  • coyotenose

    It’s the other way around. They get stronger when they’re not exposed and shamed. They also get subtly normalized. They want to go without actual opposition; they can get plenty of donations by making up persecution stories to tell their flocks.

  • Sue Blue

    About that “wearing pants” thing – that’s not in the bible, since no one wore pants back then. But according to this guy, Jesus with his robe and sandals would be a pinko communist long-hair hippie hommasexshul if he walked around like that today. Plus, whether or not he was married, Jesus panhandled his way around Palestine with vagrants, criminals and prostitutes, reviling the religious institutions of his day. A real socialist, that one.

  • James Greene

    Why do Christians never understand the circular logic they spout? Just because the bible says it means nothing. In order for that to be the basis of an argument, we have to both agree on the fact that the bible is a factual document that one could base an argument on. I don’t agree with that. Using the basis of your religion to defend your religion is absurd. As far as I can see, the bible is more like a collection of opinions. You can’t construct a valid, logical, arguments based on opinions.

  • Sue Blue

    As far as religion “helping” those with mental illnesses, I’ve only got to mention the name “Andrea Yates”.

  • pszymeczek

    Or what he thinks of Phyllis Schlafly?

  • jimbodefoto

    How on Earth would you know what “Jesus” said, since he – whoever he was – never wrote anything down. It’s all written by followers, so you’re on the thinnest ice when you even claim there is a distinction; let alone try to make one.

  • TCC

    Schools have become a bastion of indoctrination and what amounts to brainwashing by liberal Progressive social engineers.

    Oh, enough of the bullshit, already.

  • V. Williams

    Totally twisted!!! If women don’t work, who will raise and care for the children the men have abandoned?

  • Gordon Hilgers

    It’s interesting to me that both conservatism and Nazism both appeal to nostalgia for the “good old days”. I say we go back ALL THE WAY to the good old days of Neolithic times. It was so much better then….

  • abigail adams

    Yep, Jesus wore pants–probably good ol’ made-in-America pants SMH.

  • Julie Lada

    Why are we still giving this toolbox any attention?

    And please, someone buy him a suit that fits!

  • metalsheep

    I’d be willing to bet that this guy considers any show that involves a woman going to work (or being anywhere that’s not a kitchen) “smut”. In which case, yeah, that’s nearly everything that’s on tv.

  • Justim

    I was unaware that this guy has a job. I thought he was a preacher.

  • Chak 47

    I love these guys who claim, ‘My wife doesn’t work’. I always ask, ‘Oh, so you have lots of live-in help then, right? A maid, a nanny, a chauffeur, a cook – she never has to lift a finger, right?’

  • Alice

    Unbelievable! So much craziness, so little time. However, I had a good laugh when he complained about wives reading romance novels. Nothing wrong with that, but why would they EVER do that when they’re married to perfect Godly men who will treat them like brainless slaves for the rest of their lives? What else could they possibly need? What could possibly be more romantic that that? Jesus.

  • Paul D.

    Women are frequently portrayed as working in the Bible — and being leaders as well.

  • RyanT

    Wait, are you saying the Bible contradicts itself? How can that be?!

  • chicago dyke

    “dames?” where are you, 1952?

    wake up, Honey. some of have and do serve. how about you? as for responsibility, well, let’s see you care for 3 children all by yourself. lots of women do so, thanks to loser men like you who fuck and walk, not ever thinking about “their responsibility.”

  • chicago dyke

    Honey, i grew up in the all white sticks. you know, white people? who make up the majority of welfare recipients and who frequently rape their own children (just ask my dad, a judge in this area who sentenced so many it made him depressed). are all white people welfare recipients and incest minded? of course not. but having lived in inner city Chicago among a lot of people of color as well, i’m here to tell you: get over your racist, ignorant self. plenty of white people shoot each other too, also. just ask Mooselina. her state has plenty of that, as do all the states full of white people. like say, TX.

  • thilinab

    Can we please not give this troll any notice. the only difference between this guy and the trolls you see on every website / blog (including this one occasionally) is that he uses a mic instead of a computer. The entire reason for him saying that (and video taping it, and putting it on youtube) is to get people angry and spread the link around. He’s not trying to get anyone to agree with him. The content is just so over the top inflammatory that its designed in a way so that for every one person that agrees with it and spreads the link another thousand will be outraged and spread the link. Like all trolls there is no distinction for him between fame and infamy. so please don’t feed the troll.

  • Houndentenor

    I actually think we should let women run the world for the next few hundred years. I’m not saying they’d do a better job than men have done. It’s just that they couldn’t do any worse. We’ve set the bar pretty low, it shouldn’t be that show for them to show us up.

  • Alik

    I would love to see him telling a Scotsman in a Kilt that he isn’t a real man. I would PAY to see it happen! I wonder if he likes his face as it is now?

  • Alik

    I want to send this guy a dvd of the British tv series Rev just so he can have a coronary about the vicar’s wife. She is a strong independent woman who works as well as supporting her husband. Oh, and he drinks and smokes.
    Or maybe a dvd of The Vicar of Dibley. About a female vicar… Or would that be mean?

  • Eristae

    “You want to talk about being old-fashioned? My wife doesn’t
    work. And she never has since we’ve gotten married. That’s
    old-fashioned. That’s the way our country was built. That’s the way
    people did it for thousands of years. Did you hear me? Thousands of

    I wish people would leave off on this shit. Most women have worked for all of history. Only the upper class (and latter the middle class) women even had the option of not working. The fact that a bunch of middle class white women in the 1950s didn’t work (outside the home for pay) isn’t an indicator of some kind of deeper, longer lasting truth.

    Of course, he could be engaging in that weird double standard of what counts as working and what doesn’t. I’ve found that some people like him will insist that what counts as work for a man doesn’t count as work for a woman. Take farming, for example. If a man was a dairy farmer and milked cows to make a living, that would count as work. However, if his wife also milked cows, this would not count as work. This, of course, makes no sense, but that hardly stops ninnies like this man.

  • Tova

    “My wife doesn’t work.”

    Pastor Anderson’s wife, Zsu Zsu, runs the Anderson household, raises many children, and homeschools her kids. I consider that “work”. She also blogs:

  • Zaydin

    You know what is even more terrifying than this misogynistic, homophobic, hate and paranoia filled rant? The fact that out there somewhere, there are people who AGREE with him, and eat up every last word that passes his lips. That, in my mind, is the true nightmare fuel.

  • Daniel Rutter

    What he means is that women shouldn’t get PAID.

    I don’t think he’s bananas enough to think pioneer wives just sat around all day eating bon-bons. He knows they WORKED, he just doesn’t want them out of the house, making money, being educated, et cetera.

    I’m sure he thinks this is what’s best for women, not only because It’s God’s Will, but also because everyone knows women are not very smart, are given to irrational emotion especially at that special time of the month which may be the most disgusting thing in the universe, are entirely unable to control their rampant sexual energy which men, especially dentists in Iowa, are powerless to resist, and so on.

  • amycas

    The claim was that these things are not in the Bible, so ThatGuy provided the verses. Now you’re moving the goal posts and saying,”but Jesus didn’t say those thing.” No shit, nobody said all those quotes were from Jesus. You want people to stop pointing to things in the Bible that Jesus didn’t say? Then go compile a list ofeverything Jesus said, publish it, and call that your Bible. Stop holding up the Old and New Testament, claiming to believe the whole thing and then getting upset when people point out things that were said by somebody other than Jesus.