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Dear Church: It's Time We Stop Idolizing the Millennials
As soon as we walked it, there were glances and whispers from both sides of the nave. It was immediately clear what was happening. We were fresh meat. Read more
by Jonathan Aigner | Ponder Anew
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Vatican Magazine Slams Treatment of Nuns
A Vatican magazine denounced widespread exploitation of nuns for cheap or free labor in the Roman Catholic Church on Thursday, saying the male hierarchy should stop treating them like lowly... Read more
by Deacon Greg Kandra | The Deacon's Bench
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Jesus Didn’t Tell Caesar What To Do: The Right’s Most Confusing Claim
“Jesus never told Caesar what to do” is the confusing new battle cry of some leaders among the Religious Right. While there’s plenty of things my former tribe have said and done over the years that... Read more
by Benjamin L. Corey | The Official Blog of Benjamin L. Corey
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Empathy Re-Visited: 5 Things That Empathy Is NOT
Empathy seems like a very basic concept which comes naturally to many people, but the way we express it towards others is often flawed. It’s a skill which needs to be taught and fostered, even if... Read more
by B. Khan | Mostly Muslim
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Slouching Towards Duterte
President Duterte, ever since he came into power, has had the Catholic Church as a constant thorn at his side, contending against, indeed, working against, his “strong-arm” tactics. Instead of... Read more
by Henry Karlson | A Little Bit of Nothing
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My Top 12 Films of 2017
One of the coolest parts about being a film critic is that I can choose my favorite films and no one can complain. Well you can, but too bad. Actually, make your list, too. Read more
by Sister Rose | Sister Rose Movies
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