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Evangelical Leaders Want Nothing to Do with Social Justice
Old guard white evangelicals like John MacArthur and John Piper remind us of just how far we’ve come from what we once were as a religious subculture. Over the last few years men like these have... Read more
by Neil Carter | Godless in Dixie
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New Evangelical Statement Against “Social Justice” Distortions
There’s nothing inherently wrong with social justice. The Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel points out that under its guise, the Gospel message is being distorted to satisfy man, rather than... Read more
by Susan Wright | Susan Wright on the Right
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Coloring Outside the Lines
Morgan Guyton recently offered a helpful challenge to a widespread conservative Evangelical way of thinking about sin. The last part is so succinct yet powerful that it deserves to be a meme. Read more
by James McGrath | Religion Prof: The Blog of James F. McGrath
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Willow Elder Response Team
Jim Bedell: Practices of the church are beginning to be revealed as a collective effort to create a smooth running and flawless image. The tactics used can be understood as essentially repressive. Read more
by Scot McKnight | Jesus Creed
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To the Men Who Grabbed McKenna Denson and Dragged Her From the Pulpit
To the men who grabbed McKenna Denson without her consent and dragged her away from the pulpit: Let me tell you a story. It's a story I've experienced a few hundred times: I'm standing in a room... Read more
by Emily Belanger | Peculiar People
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Amid Rampant Islamophobia, American Muslims Making Political History
American Muslims are making history. The unprecedented level of civic engagement and grassroots effort displayed by more than 90 Muslim political candidates and their supporters ended in victories... Read more
by Guest Contributor | altmuslim
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