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Are We Making "Punish a Muslim" Day Bigger Than It Deserves to Be?
In 16 years of covering Muslim communities, I’ve become pretty good at figuring out what is a real issue. This “Punish a Muslim Day” story, however, had me puzzled. Read more
by | Muslimah Next Door
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If Jesus, So You: The Spirit And Jesus And You
Because Jesus was a human, he needed to be empowered from day one with and by the Holy Spirit. If this is true, then it is all the more true that you and I need the Holy Spirit. Read more
by Scot McKnight | Jesus Creed
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50 Years Later, Remembering the Death of Martin Luther King, Jr.
One of the great speeches of the 20th century: Robert F. Kennedy delivered it in Indianapolis following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.—watch or read. Read more
by Deacon Greg Kandra | The Deacon's Bench
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The plague in the Panhandle
"There are pestilences and there are victims, and it's up to us, so far as possible, not to join forces with the pestilences." Read more
by Fred Clark | slacktivist
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31 Questions For Atheists
My answers to Matt Slick's 31 questions for atheists—I was surprised how many of my answers changed since the last time I answered them 4 years ago. Read more
by Courtney Heard | Godless Mom
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From Crisis to Hope: Five "P's" to Resurrecting Your Family
In history books, the 21st century will likely be known for its most significant crisis—not terrorism or political discord, but a crisis of the family. Read more
by Pamela Patnode | The Privilege of Parenting
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