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We “Just Can’t Anymore” for a Reason
We’re in the middle of a huge cultural shift; hard and bumpy as it is, I believe it’s a really good thing. But it has left a lot of us feeling truly done with the Christian cultures we were part of. Read more
by Kathy Escobar | Faith Shift
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There Was No Good Biblical Reason to Give Mike Pence the SBC Stage
New Testament passages about honoring and praying for secular authorities, argues Chris, shouldn't have led to the Southern Baptist Convention hosting a Mike Pence stump speech for Donald Trump. Read more
by Chris Gehrz | Anxious Bench
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For Father’s Day, Let’s Discuss How Men Can Help Women be Less Vulnerable
By Dan Haseltine If there are cultural norms that perpetuate violence toward women, what role can men play in changing that culture—in the support of women’s health and safety? Read more
by Guest Contributor | Religion Now
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What Makes a Man a Good Father?
Being a dad encompasses more than fathering a child—it’s loving and being there for your child, even when it’s hard. No matter the personal situations, I think there are some core characteristics... Read more
by Sarah Hamaker | Some Assembly Required
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This International Day of Yoga, Let’s Mention Yoga’s Hindu Roots
In the Western yoga community more than two decades, I’ve seen how yoga magazines and companies try to distance themselves from the word ‘Hindu’, preferring to use ‘yogic’, ‘Vedic’, or ‘Indic.’ I’ve... Read more
by Mat McDermott | Samudra
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5 Things The Church Can Learn From Anthony Bourdain
He's abrasive, crass, and never hesitates to speak his mind. Look, I get it. You might not like him. In fact, you might loathe him. But me? Other than my wife and daughter, there's nobody I would... Read more
by Zack Hunt | The Semi-Official Blog of Zack Hunt
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