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Jeff Sessions and Law and Order Christianity
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a United Methodist layperson. Somewhere along the way in his spiritual journey he was taught the interpretation of Romans 13 that he used to justify the new ICE... Read more
by Morgan Guyton | Mercy Not Sacrifice
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Is Cruelty to Children Ever Justifiable?
Separating children from their parents and putting them in mass detention centers (why not call them concentration camps?) is being defended by some U.S. administration officials as biblical. Read more
by | Roger E. Olson
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Behold: Our Christless Christianity
Just in case you’re not paying attention, American Christianity is a Christless Christianity. We justify our cruelty by quoting Romans, but skip over dozens of commands from Jesus to show mercy,... Read more
by Keith Giles | Keith Giles
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Jeff Sessions's Cynical Reading (Paul's Letter to the Romans)
Finding a Paul in one’s own philosophical image is nothing new. Of course, Paul wasn't writing to bolster Rome's authority but to encourage patience in his followers in persecution under Roman law. Read more
by Tim Duffy | The Literary Papist
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Whose Idea Was It to Separate Families at the Border?
We’ve got a problem at the border. It’s not a new problem or a Trump problem. It’s been a problem for a long, long time. It was Ronald Reagan, who, along with Calvin Coolidge, may stand as the... Read more
by Susan Wright | Susan Wright on the Right
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Where is Jesus?
The Bible is clear. Jesus was born to a poor, young, unmarried mother and raised by a man who wasn't his biological father. Jesus was a refugee; his family fled across a desert to a foreign land,... Read more
by Jim Meisner Jr. | Faith on the Fringe
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