Where is Jesus?

Where is Jesus? June 17, 2018
Jesus with people

The Bible is clear.

Jesus was born to a poor, young, unmarried mother and raised by a man who wasn’t his biological father.

Jesus was a refugee; his family fled across a desert to a foreign land, searching for safety and a better life.

Jesus was an unemployed, homeless day laborer living under the brutal control of an oppressive government.

Jesus opposed the religious leaders of the day — men who misinterpreted scripture and sided with the politicians.

Jesus was dark-skinned, dirty, homeless, and a victim of the government.

Jesus was not the child of a millionaire or a celebrity.

Jesus didn’t inherit his family’s church, his father’s university, his father’s construction company, or a position of power and privilege. Jesus inherited his family’s poverty, traveling with little more than the clothes on his back, subsisting on charity.

The message of Jesus was counter to the religious establishment and the dominant culture. He was opposed by the religious leaders and disrespected by the leaders of mainstream society.

Jesus was a victim of police brutality. But in a moment of forgiveness and charity, he healed the wound of his oppressor.

Jesus died alone– rejected and abandoned, his body assigned to an unmarked grave.

Jesus was a terrorist, a threat to the rule of law, his followers hunted down and executed in the months and years after his government-sanctioned execution.

Today, some claim to be Christian, but they aren’t following the Jesus of the Bible when they approve of the government victimizing children. Proclamations, policies, politicians and partisanship that divide us is not the work of God.

Jesus is not on the side of wealthy white men in suits and ties when they discriminate against women, children, foreigners, and aliens residing among us.

Jesus does not support armed government officials forcibly separating families.

Jesus is with the losers, not the leaders.

Jesus is on the side of the mother losing her child.

Jesus is with the children, not the armed government agents taking them from their mother’s arms.

Jesus is inside locked cages, not on the side of the guards as they dehumanize and denigrate strangers.

Jesus is with a Syrian refugee child.

Jesus is a Honduran roofer.

Jesus is the dark-skinned woman cleaning restaurant tables, hotel rooms and offices. He is the voice struggling to learn a new language in a new land. Jesus is the stranger who asks for help.

Jesus is the family fleeing such horrific danger that they risk their lives, rather than remain in their homes.

To justify violence against children, to support bigotry or discrimination is not the way of Jesus and not of God.

Scripture twisted to defend indefensible abuse is not the Way of Jesus, and not the way Jesus calls us to be. Jesus calls us to help the helpless, not persecute them.

The Bible is clear.

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  • Ann


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  • A sinner

    I agree that Jesus would stand with the families being torn apart by our government and not with the wealthy political elite (dem or publican). But Jesus was not born to an unmarried mother. There is no information saying he was a homeless day laborer or dirty. And Jesus was, without question, NOT a terrorist. To include such ridiculous assertions weakens and distracts from the otherwise valid point.

  • Netizen_James

    So if someone went into some huge megachurch, and started whipping the hucksters with cords in order to ‘send a message’ that their commercializing of faith was offensive to God, that wouldn’t be considered a ‘terrorist act’? Jesus most certainly ‘terrorized’ the money-changers in the Temple.

    What’s sad, and indicative of ‘privilege’ is that people like Eric Rudolph, Jim Kopp, and Robert Dear aren’t labeled ‘Christian Terrorists’ by the media. Go figure.

  • coco2

    Oh the hypocrisy of this author. You can only see children being hurt in situations that you want to focus on. “To justify violence against children, to support bigotry or discrimination is not the way of Jesus and not of God”. Correct, exactly why I will never vote, ever, for anyone in the Democratic party, because they actually run on the platform of abortion which viciously kills a child. There is no other way to look at it or get around it, abortion ends a life in a tortuous way. To murder a child for the good of mother, is no different (actually worse) than taking a child from a mother at the border. One is the mother’s choice, the other is the law’s choice.

  • coco2

    Christ DID have friends who were rich! Wasn’t Lazarus supposed to have money? Who was the man who owned the tomb that he gave for Christ’s body? These are people who had money. Christ came to save all.

  • Bonnie Rice

    So you justify all of the other violence to focus on abortion? Is it really that simple. It’s okay to lock kids in cages, as long as we don’t allow women to abort them before they are born. It’s okay to pay their mothers so little that they spend their lives in poverty with unsafe surroundings and limited food or health care, as long as we don’t allow women to control their own bodies if it might mean that they terminate a pregnancy. It’s okay if children are sexually assaulted by guards as long as their mothers didn’t abort them. It’s fine that black children can be harassed and killed with no legal protection as long as abortion is off the table. It’s okay if children are shot in their schools, as long as they were allowed to be born. Must be nice to live in a world where nothing else matters.

  • coco2

    I said nothing at all about justifying any type of violence against children, but I find it hypocritical that someone pointing the finger at another for harming children, who celebrates abortion, votes for abortion, is exactly the kind of person Jesus would have called out. Christ wasn’t in favor of ANY politics. He was anti-political. There is NO political party that follows Christ. You can try to convince yourself that there is, but there is not. I find it hypocritical, that you are saying it is better to not give children life, if it means they will be abused or taken from their parents at some time in their lives. (Something no one can predict for any human being before they are born). Ask someone who has actually been sexually abused, or dealt another difficult hand in life, if they wish they had been aborted. If there is life there is hope. Frankly, where are you getting your information that guards are raping children at the border? They have all kinds of agencies working with the children down there from the get go, and they aren’t in the “cages” very long (and that is for their safety FROM the other people there illegally, some who have raped children. The damned guides bringing kids in have raped kids.

  • Here is another historical fact, Nazareth his home town was not a proper city until the 3rd century AD. This was a person who born into poverty and lived on the margins of society. Now much of what he taught and his actions are put into better focus when you realize this.

  • He was not a terrorist, but he was conserided one by the Roman Government, they viewed Jesus the same way we Americans view Osama Bin Laden. When Christanity started to grow, most roman citizens coudl not comprehend why a person who was crucified has a religion based around them. It was a method of execution reserved for who they viewed as the WORST OF THE WORST.

  • Pennybird

    This is just one of many articles:


    To your point about abortion, you say “You can only see children being hurt in situations that you want to focus on.” Why is it okay for you to single out your issue, but not the author?

  • Excellent display of the character of Jesus.

  • Ejaz Naqvi

    Well put! I also couldn’t help but notice all the Hijabi women in the picture- except no one views them as Hijabis.

  • LuckyTN

    Hee, hee, hee! So right. I keep telling folks that. You should see how big their eyes get.

  • Tammy Mills Hanley

    I think the point is that by current standards/circumstances he might be considered a terrorist.