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What I Am Doing on My Summer Vocation
Today is the first day of summer in my hemisphere, the day with the longest sunlight this year. Three months from today we will look back and tell the story of what we did on our summer vocation. Read more
by Greg Richardson | Strategic Monk
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No, The Gospel Isn't "Good News" For Everyone
Over the years I've been fond of saying, "if the Gospel isn't good news for everyone, it isn't good news for anyone." When I've said it, I believed it and said it with sincerity. I can also... Read more
by Benjamin L. Corey | The Official Blog of Benjamin L. Corey
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What's Happening at the Border? Answers to Common Questions
I’ve been asked a lot of questions recently about the human rights crisis at the Southern border. I’ve decided to write out my answers here, in case any of my readers are being asked the same thing... Read more
by Mary Pezzulo | Steel Magnificat
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Romans 13, Pence, Sessions
Here’s a problem: What Pence and Session are asking for is little more than the divine right of kings. To say “We are the government, we are in authority, we know what is best for the people,... Read more
by Scot McKnight | Jesus Creed
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Renewing our Reverence for God's Name
God calls us by name and invites us to call him by name, to love and cherish and reverence his name so that we can grow in depth of communion with him. Read more
by Brad Roth | The Doxology Project
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WATCH: Chris Pratt Takes an MTV Awards Crowd to Church
To a wildly cheering audience of millennials, Chris Pratt said that as their elder, he was going to drop some wisdom. Pratt is a funny guy and outspoken Christian, and this is awesome! Read more
by Susan Wright | Susan Wright on the Right
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