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Making Christ's Mission Your Own

by Britt Merrick, with Allison Trowbridge

In Godspeed, Britt Merrick challenges us to step out of our little, self-centered lives and step into God's grand mission—His plan to restore, redeem, and renew the world.

"Britt Merrick not only teaches the Word accurately but also lives it out."
—Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love

About the Book and Author

About the Book and Author

Have you ever felt like there's a higher calling for your life? Something more than the mundane weekly routine of work, eat, sleep, play, and church? Learn more about the new book, Godspeed.

Read an Excerpt from

Read an Excerpt from "Godspeed"

"What does it mean that we are sent in the same way Jesus was sent? How are we to understand this? How are we to live it?" Read Chapter 4 from Godspeed.

What People are Saying

What People are Saying

Read what Francis Chan, Scotty Smith, Jon Acuff, and other authors and pastors are saying about the new book on living a missional life, Godspeed.

Book Club Roundtable

Deconstructing the

Deconstructing the "Disconnects" Around Mission

Kurt Willems

This book has the potential to motivate conservative evangelical Christians to re-examine the heart of missions, evangelism, and the general nature of the Christian life.


Embodying "Missio Christi"

JR Rozko

I am grateful for pastors like Britt who are calling people to understand the Christian life along the lines of mission and even more for his particular witness to embodying it.

Godspeed: Leading with Theology

Godspeed: Leading with Theology

David Swartz

A brief history of renewal, reformation, revival and spiritual awakening in Christianity shows that any group or movement that goes soft on Scripture will implode and its influence will be shallow and short lived even though it does help some.

You May Now Fly at Godspeed

You May Now Fly at Godspeed

Steve Knight

I hope books like Godspeed will introduce readers to other missional writers and broader kingdom theology.

Join the Roundtable Discussion!

Join the Roundtable Discussion!

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