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Butterflies in the Belfry—Serpents in the Cellar

Butterflies in the Belfry—Serpents in the Cellar

An Intentional Quest for a Natural Christianity

by J. Michael Jones

A journey in discovering a refreshing form
 of Christianity that has been forgotten.

About the Book and Author

About the Book and Author

J. Michael Jones takes the reader on an intimate yet intellectually enthralling journey through his personal history and the history of Western civilization.

Read an Excerpt From

Read an Excerpt From "Butterflies in the Belfry—Serpents in the Cellar"

Click, click, click … the fabric of all I knew of God was falling apart and falling downward into oblivion. I begged the heavens for someone, anyone, to answer me. I heard nothing save a barking dog in a distant flat and the braying of the donkeys pulling the old two-wheeled carts where garbage-collecting children rode in the shadowy streets of predawn.

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