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The Nones Are Alright

The Nones Are Alright

A New Generation of Believers, Seekers, and Those in Between

by Kaya Oakes

"Kaya Oakes leans close to listen to doubters, reverts, agnostics -- all the people slipping through the cracks in the institutional walls." ~Patrick Gilger, SJ

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About the Book and Author

About the Book and Author

Almost a third of American Millennials (not to mention their Gen-X elders) have chosen to live a life free from institutional religion. But beyond the surprising and puzzling statistics, don't these "seekers" and "nones" have their own stories to tell?

Read an Excerpt From

Read an Excerpt From "The Nones Are Alright"

"Faith sometimes grows out of community rather than prayer."

Praise for

Praise for "The Nones Are Alright"

"Kaya Oakes has written the Growing Up Absurd for 21st century religion –honest, inconvenient for the status quo, yet hopeful." —Nathan Schneider, author, "Thank You, Anarchy: Notes from The Occupy Apocalypse"

Learn more about Catholic revert, author, and teacher Kaya Oakes.