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Resurrection Year
Turning Broken Dreams Into New Beginnings
By Sheridan Voysey

What People Are Saying

This is a gentle, beautiful, deeply touching story of one couple who faced heartbreak but then asked God, "What next?" The result is a journey proving that, with God, our darkest experiences really can lead to new beginnings. Resurrection Year is a gift that will breathe life and hope into many who have faced a broken dream.
—Darlene Zschech, Singer, Songwriter, Worship Leader, Hillsong Church

Gentleness, refreshment, and vulnerability are the delightful components of this wonderful book. Sheridan uses words and the gaps between words as an artist uses color and space to show rather than tell. We do not need to learn anything from Resurrection Year in order to enjoy it, but that is unlikely to happen. I am confident that it will change our hearts.
—Adrian Plass, Author of more than thirty books including The Scared Diary of Adrian Plass

Some dreams come true, but others die a painful death. We can learn from both. In Resurrection Year, Sheridan Voysey writes from experience—there is life after the death of a dream. Your dream may be different, but the road to resurrection will be similar. I highly recommend it.
—Gary Chapman, Author of The Five Love Languages

This story of a crushed dream, a fresh overture, a reversal of roles, and a potent lesson on the emptiness of fame (like chocolate mousse—delicious, but merely air) seems sometimes akin to a travelogue. Sheridan's account of his and Merryn's struggle is helpful to those of us who couldn't have children, but the narrative compels us all to ask crucial questions about our visions and disappointments, our doubts and our prayers, our goals, purposes, and hopes. It is a profound read!
—Marva J. Dawn, Theologian, Speaker, and Author of Joy in Our Weakness, Being Well When We're Ill, and My Soul Waits

Resurrection Year is a beautifully written, honest, and engaging book that takes you on an emotional roller coaster through the reality of broken dreams and the wrestling that ensues. I will be buying copies for my friends who are living with dreams that haven't become reality.
—Andy Frost, Share Jesus International

This is a powerful and moving love story of one couple discovering how to love each other and God when their dreams are lost. The honesty and poetry of this memoir make it a compelling read, and will help many to find hope in dark times.
—Krish Kandiah, Executive Director, Churches in Mission, Evangelical Alliance UK, and Author of Home for Good: Making a Difference for Vulnerable Children

Part autobiography, part prayer, and part apologetic, Resurrection Year is a tender and heartwarming book. Sheridan takes us on an intriguing journey through the perplexing maze of life, faith, loss, and hope. I really loved reading this book.
—Deb Hirsch, Speaker, Coauthor (with husband Alan) of Untamed, and Lead Minister of Tribe of Los Angeles