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Sacred America, Sacred World

Sacred America, Sacred World

Fulfilling Our Mission in Service to All

by Stephen Dinan

"This book offers the medicine America needs to heal and to realize our collective potential." —Jack Canfield, coauthor of the New York Times #1 bestselling "Chicken Soup for Soul" series

About the Book and Author

About the Book and Author

How did America, founded on the highest of principles of justice and freedom, get so far off course? And, most importantly, is it too late to repair the damage and get back on track?

What Is

What Is "Sacred America"? A Q&A With Stephen Dinan

"Sacred America is a call for us to reach for our highest destiny as a country. I believe our truest destiny is not built on our desire to be number one, but rather a humbler sense of calling, animated by a spirit of global service."

Praise for

Praise for "Sacred America, Sacred World"

"This is a visionary work of the highest order." —James O'Dea, author of The Conscious Activist, former president of IONS, former director of Amnesty International, D.C.

Read an Excerpt From

Read an Excerpt From "Sacred America, Sacred World"

"We have just emerged from the bloodiest century in recorded history only to start our new millennium with conflagrations around the globe and the "war without end" on terrorism, including the latest horrors of ISIS. While it is easy to be dismayed by violence elsewhere, in many ways America is a leading perpetrator."

Stephen Dinan's Schedued Appearances

Stephen Dinan's Schedued Appearances

Is author Stephen Dinan coming to a town near you?

Stephen Dinan on building a

Stephen Dinan on building a "Sacred America, Sacred World"

In this must-watch video, Stephen Dinan shares insights from his new book.

"Sacred America, Sacred World" Book Trailer