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A Winged Creature
by Ryan Welsh

The Homiletical Cart & The Hermeneutical Horse

It’s as ironic as it is frightening—a biblical text that preachers are suitably familiar with, as well as celebrate, is also one they are tempted to butcher weekly. “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be [Read More...]

Adrian Warnock
by Adrian Warnock

Open Letter to Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn #hungparliament #ukvote

I do not write because I think I have anything special to contribute, but just because what is outlined below just seems like the most sensible approach to me for the good of the country. The rest of this article is available by following the link above

Andrew Farley
by Andrew Farley

Thinking Outside Theological Boxes

I recently heard a popular teacher of Calvinism argue that unlimited atonement (“Christ died for all”) cannot be true, because such a notion cannot include eternal security for the believer. This teacher did not seem to realize that it is possible to believe that Christ died for all and that, after one is born again, [Read More...]

Anxious Bench
by Various Authors

Alternative Scriptures: Theosophy and the Esoteric Tradition

I have been posting about the widespread knowledge of alternative gospels and scriptures that existed in Western culture over a century ago, roughly between 1870 and 1930. Whether we are looking at Gnostic and esoteric views of early Christianity, feminist interpretations of the role of Mary Magdalene, or the influence of Essene doctrine, very few [Read More...]

Bible News Radio
by Stacy Lynn Harp

A Very Cool “Chance” Meeting with Jamie Grace

Have you ever had a situation that frustrated you and you finally just rolled with it because there was ultimately nothing you could do about it? That’s where I was recently when I was staying at a hotel in Los Angeles for a Livestreaming Summit for Periscope. To make a long story short, I had [Read More...]

Born to Reform
by Stephen McCaskell

It Was Nice While It Lasted (In Light of #StrangeFire)

Editors note: Below is a guest post from Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr. Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr. teaches at Reformation Bible College in Sanford, Florida where he also serves as a teaching fellow for Ligonier Ministries. He is the founder of Highlands Ministries and former editor of Tabletalk magazine. It is a sure sign that sin messes things up that we keep watching [Read More...]

Black, White and Gray
by Bradley Wright (and others)

Bill Nye, the “not-so-science” Guy

When Bill Nye became the co-chair of the March for Science it brought on controversy due to his being a white male. That is really a shame. The real controversy should have been over the fact that Nye is not a scientist. He’s an entertainer with one earned degree, a B.S. in mechanical engineering. He [Read More...]

Church Grammar
by Brandon D. Smith

Baptists, Ecumenism, and the Future

Baptists can maintain our identity while also learning from others about the importance of theological reflection, liturgical intentionality, and historical appreciation.

Chorus in the Chaos
by Various Authors

A Picture of Tragedy: Abortion’s Aftermath

Huddled down, weeping, and undoubtedly questioning the decision to end her child’s life, the young woman pictured here, had only minutes before walked behind that wobbly chain link fence hoping for a resolution. She longed to find freedom from the cluster of cells that put chains on her future. Instead, she will likely spend a lifetime wrestling with the chains of guilt and regret for killing a child.

Christian Crier
by Telling Ministries

What Are Warning Signs Of Falling Into Apostasy?

How can you avoid falling into apostasy? What are some of the warning signs you or others might be falling for doctrinal error or heresy? What is Apostasy? When we read about apostasy, it’s typically about a group or a believer falling away from the truth, particularly from the essentials of the faith, like the [Read More...]

by Gene Veith

Von Uhde’s “Let the Little Children Come to Me”

More from Fritz von Uhde, the 19th century Lutheran artist we’ve been discussing.  This one, “Let the Little Children Come to Me,” is an example of von Uhde’s device of portraying Bible stories in contemporary settings (that is, contemporary for his time).  The effect is for viewers to see their reality of these Biblical truths for [Read More...]

Dry Bones
by Kathleen Mulhern

Reading a List of the Names of People Who Lived a Long, Long Time Ago and Being Inspired By It

Today I read 1 Chronicles 2, which is nothing more than a list of names and names and names: fathers and wives and concubines and sons and daughters, one Egyptian slave, clans and kin and houses. Some might choose to roll over dead before reading such a thing; others might get to sleep long before [Read More...]

Christian Podcast Central
by Jeff Drex and Joel Fieri
by John Mark Reynolds

I Believe the Woman –Questions from M

  Many of the most important events of my life cannot be proven by external evidence. Despite social media, camera phones, and a daily blog, I cannot prove these things happened. You have to take my word for it. Personal events are often, by nature, private events. Try to remember a romantic moment, the loyalty [Read More...]

Eternal Perspectives
by Randy Alcorn

Happiness in Jesus Is a Righteous, God-Honoring Desire

This interview on happiness and the Christian life, and specifically related to my devotional 60 Days of Happiness, originally appeared on Lifeletter Café. What is the most important thing you are hoping to accomplish in 60 Days of Happiness? My hope is that readers will experience some paradigm shifts that will forever change their view [Read More...]

by Michael F. Bird

Reflections on the End of the Acts of the Apostles

I’ve been reading Acts 28, Paul’s arrival in Rome, how the narrative peters out, and it has got me thinking. The final scenes of Luke-Acts might seem like an anti-climax, no miracles in Rome, no trial before Nero, no dramatic account of Paul’s martyrdom. But we have to remember that Luke has completed his task: [Read More...]

Everyday Ethics
by Jeremy Neill

Why Do We Need the Old Testament Anyway?

Should we just throw it all aside and say that it is no longer of any importance for our day-to-day lives?

Faith & Chelsen
by Faith J. H. McDonnell & Chelsen Adair Vicari

What Maternity Leave in Ministry Means

The approaching change and time away invites self-inflicted tension and unrest.

Faith and Finance
by Bob Lotich and Tim Fraticelli

Creative Giving Ideas: 10 Better Ways to Give

Have you ever given a gift and it just didn’t have the effect you desired? Maybe you’ve given one too many gift cards and you’re ready for something different – something creative! There are better ways you can give – the Bible even has something to say about it!  Below are some better ways you [Read More...]

by Bill Blankschaen

Is Shame the New Silent Killer in America?

We post our cute little signs and slogans as if heaven rejoices because we thought of a more clever way to say choose Jesus right this second or burn in hell forever. We underestimate the hell people already live in their lives.

Felix Culpa
by Brenda Renee Coats

What I’m Learning After Losing a Parent

I'm learning there are a lot of questions that come up when your Dad dies.

Frank Viola
by Frank Viola

Ephesians 1 & 2 Set to an Awesome Tune

I’m super jazzed about today’s post. Back in 2009, I wrote a song based on a series of messages I delivered on Ephesians. To my mind, Ephesians 1 and 2 are among the most sublime passages in all the... **Click the title of this post at the top to read the rest of the article on the blog. Once you're on the blog, you may also post a comment at the end if you wish.**

Give Us This Day
by Charles Erlandson

John 8:12-44 – I AM

Who are you?

by S.J. Masson

Bill 89 and the legal assault on the family in Canada

The family is what God intended as a person’s birthright.

by Bethany Blankley

More Perversion Touted as ‘News,’ This Time, ‘Gay Dads Give Birth’

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, something more outlandish happens defying the boundaries of biology, sanity, and common sense.

Hispanic Evangelicals and The Lamb's Agenda
by authors from the NHCLC

Q&A with David Coleman, President and CEO of the College Board

In an exclusive Q&A with David Coleman, President and CEO of the College Board and one of the most influential voices in all of education, we explore how his organization is reaching out to help hispanic and other minority students and families succeed as they strive toward college.    English:   Spanish Version: 

Imago Christi
by Kenneth Tanner

At the Heart of Worship

You can don ancient vestments, light candles, and chants prayers amid clouds of incense; you can preach like Martyn Lloyd-Jones, sing great hymns accompanied by pipe organ, and love the dappled rainbows the stained glass throws; you can put up the largest LED screens, hire musicians that rock, get the stage lighting just right, and [Read More...]

Jackson Wu
by Jackson Wu

Is Western Culture Dystopian?

Dystopia is a distinctly Western genre. It also is one of the most popular story genres of our day. The explosive growth of dystopian stories is no accident. In effect, they contextualize a worldview perspective that is prevalent in Western culture. I am convinced of at least three benefits to understanding dystopian thinking. By seeing [Read More...]

Jesus Creed
by Scot McKnight

Downloads vs. The Duty to Worship God (Jason Micheli)

Downloads vs. The Duty to Worship God He pulled his earbuds out. He was working out on the crotch machine. You know the piece of equipment. The one where you exercise your thighs by pushing in and out like the levers of a pinball machine; the one that appears designed for no other purpose than [Read More...]

Joe Carter
by Joe Carter

So Say We All: Why Battlestar Galactica Was the Best Sci-Fi Series Ever on Television

A shockingly large segment of the population suffers from the delusion that all artistic judgments are subjective. For instance, when confronted with a claim such as “John Singer Sargent is the greatest portrait painter of the 20th century,” they believe what is being presented is an assertion of opinion rather than a statement of fact. They [Read More...]

Jim Erwin
by Jim Erwin

5 Times God Shows His Faithfulness

5 Times God Shows His Faithfulness 19 June 2017 Year A Psalm 105:7-45 Psalm 105 is a hymn of praise for the faithfulness of God to His people. The psalmist begins by describing “5 Ways to Show Appreciation to God for His Faithfulness.” Yet, the Psalm doesn’t end there. The psalmist continues to explain through [Read More...]

Jonathan Storment
by Jonathan Storment

Hearing From God: A Secular Enchantment

“In those days, the Word of the LORD was rare, there were not many visions.” -1st Samuel 3:1 It would be nice if people saw that the world cannot be disenchanted, and that the choice before us is really a choice of enchantments. -Francis Spufford “I don’t believe in God. I believe in Science.” -Nacho [Read More...]

Just and Sinner
by Jordan Cooper

Faith and Reason in Luther, Zwingli, and Lutheranism

On today’s program, I dealt with the relationship between faith and reason. I began with a discussion of Luther’s own thought on the topic, while addressing criticisms that he is an irrationalist. I then discussed this in relation to Luther’s distinction between the two kingdoms. I then discussed the idea of paradox and contrasted this [Read More...]

Love is an Orientation
by Andrew Marin

Don’t Let Your Anger Turn Into Their Hate

Andrew's reflection upon yesterday's LGBT massacre in Orlando. There is a time for anger and activism; healing and hope. Now is a time for mourning. Don't let your anger for what happened turn into their hate.

Mark D. Roberts
by Mark D. Roberts

It’s the Second Day of Lent. Why Does This Matter?

Growing up as an evangelical Christian, I experienced Lent as little more than a joke. “What are... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

Mere Breath
by Abra Carnahan

Morning Sickness vs Hyperemesis Gravidarum: Do you know the difference?

For women with HG, working can become impossible. The nausea and vomiting greatly interfere with the ability to perform expected tasks. There’s often a need to get extra help to care for children. In some severe cases, a woman may even need assistance with basic hygiene help. It isn’t uncommon for HG families to need [Read More...]

Narrative and Nuance
by Dan Chappell

Christianity, Disney and A Better Way Forward

The body of Christ continues to need a reasoned and consistent response to the reality of homosexuality in our culture and society. The hand-wringing surrounding Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is the latest example of this glaring need. Pastors and leaders, your people do not need you to join the culture war, they need you to shepherd [Read More...]

New Wineskins
by josh daffern

10 Toxic Traditions That Are Killing the Church

There are traditions near and dear to the heart of every church that can become toxic and deadly over time. Here are ten of the worst.

PaterFamilias Today
by C. R. Wiley

How do you “make a culture”?

A few years back there was a flash of enthusiasm among people who read books published by InterVarsity Press for something called “culture making”. The idea, as I recall, had something to do with creativity, that and the notion that Christians shouldn’t be preoccupied with politics, or even apologetics. The world could use more beautiful [Read More...]

Philosophical Fragments
by Timothy Dalrymple

Open Letter to Sarah Palin: We Need to Change Our Tone on Guns

This post is part of a larger conversation on the subject of Christians and guns at Patheos around the new documentary, The Armor of Light.  For more responses to the film, click here. Is there any contradiction between a culture that celebrates the sanctity of human life and a culture that celebrates the instruments of death? [Read More...]The post Open Letter to Sarah Palin: We Need to Change Our Tone on Guns appeared first on Philosophical Fragments.

Pilgrim's Road Trip
by Michelle Van Loon

What’s A Nice Jewish Grandmother Like You Doing At Seminary?

In 2013, I became a grad student at Northern Seminary. I wrote about the experience in this space here. My life-altering health diagnosis and costly montly treatments derailed my hopes of completing a degree, but the school was kind enough to tabulate the credits I did earn and grant me a graduate certificate. I am [Read More...]The post What’s A Nice Jewish Grandmother Like You Doing At Seminary? appeared first on Pilgrim's Road Trip.

Ponder Anew
by Jonathan Aigner

Everyone Can Sing: How to Stop the Non-Singer Epidemic in Our Churches

Oh sure, not everyone is a potential Callas or Pavarotti. But the truth is that everyone can sing, because singing is a skill, not a talent.

Preventing Grace
by Anne Kennedy

Staggering off the Broad Road of the Internet

Yesterday I said I was going to Read Moar Books. When asked which books I was going to read I promised to blog about them, so as to put off actually cracking them open a few minutes longer. The thing is, I have been slowly and deliberately trying to rebuild my reading muscle. You know [Read More...]

Putting the Protest in Protestant
by D. G. Hart

If W-w Goes, So Does WWJD?

David Koyzis finds simplistic a critique of faith-based political activism that applies grace across the spectrum. The critique of Social Gospel like evangelical calls to social reform goes like this: Now, ask yourself this: if charity is a picture of the grace of God in the gospel, then what message are we sending about the [Read More...]

Rebecca Florence Miller
by Rebecca Florence Miller

The Problem of Always Externalizing Evil

Our world is full of people who think that evil is only external to them. This is one of the most dangerous ideas a person can hold.

Red Letter Believers
by David Rupert

International Refugee Day – Have we forgotten so quickly?

It was just two years ago that the world was riveted by a the sight of a little boy face down on a beach, one of millions who were rushing to flee terror, bedlam and war in the Middle East. From Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and others they banged on Europe’s door, lining up against [Read More...]

by Arlene Sánchez-Walsh

The Tragic Sense of Historical Illiteracy

What we believe to be the motives of our conduct are usually but the pretexts for it. –Miguel De Unamuno The Tragic Sense of Life President Obama’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast noting several historically accurate examples where Christianity was used to justify terroristic amounts of violence means that as a historian of American religion, [Read More...]

Religion Q&A
by Richard N. Ostling

Jesus and “the spirits in prison” — is this the New Testament’s most difficult passage?

JOEL’S QUESTION: [Explanation:] The pastor of a New Jersey Protestant congregation sent in several “questions that have come up here.” One of them is how to understand the passage in the New Testament letter of 1st Peter about Jesus Christ preaching to “the spirits in prison.” THE RELIGION GUY’S ANSWER: The Bible’s major teachings are [Read More...]

Return to Rome
by Francis J. Beckwith

Please consider helping newborn Jackson Yancey

My graduate assistant, Hilary Yancey, and her husband, Preston, need our generosity. They are proud parents of Jackson, born on September 28th with a craniofacial microsomia.  Little Jackson requires a series of expensive surgeries. Please consider donating at  Hilary arrived at Baylor in Fall 2014 as a PhD student in philosophy. She has served as [Read More...]

Roger E. Olson
by Roger E. Olson

The Reason for Christian Higher Education (and Pressures to Abandon It)

The Reason for Christian Higher Education (and Pressures to Abandon It) One purpose of this blog is to support what I call the “biblical-Christian plausibility structure.” I believe it is the primary reason for being of Christian higher education. (Yes, one could say it is the reason for being of all Christian education, but for [Read More...]

Soapbox Redemption
by Andrew Murtagh

The Heart of Nick Givas

Imagine you are young man in high school. Excellent grades, aspiring young basketball star – the world is your oyster. Enter the back pain, the initial medical consults, and the first cancer diagnosis. Surgery and redo surgery. Basketball career over, in and out of hospitals, a new reality takes form. Repeated spine surgeries not only have the [Read More...]

The Bible and Culture
by Ben Witherington

Irish Blessings— Prologue

Ah Ireland, a country the size of Indiana, and with the population of New York City. And one of the most green and beautiful places in the whole world. No wonder they call it the Emerald Isle. Ann and I went on a sentimental journey to Ireland for our 40th anniversary last month. Sentimental not [Read More...]

The Christian Revolution
by Taylor S. Brown

Thinking About Gentrification and Church Plants

I have several friends who are heavily involved in church planting. While I myself have never had a particularly strong call toward being a church planter (though who knows if God will change that in the future), I have a deep appreciation for those who are called to such a vocation. That being said, a recent [Read More...]

The Evangelical Pulpit
by Bart Gingerich

Early Jesus-followers as a Hodgepodge of Competing Christianities: Rethinking a Popular Thesis

If you could travel back in time to the year 100 to visit several of the small Christian communities scattered across the Mediterranean world, what would you find?

The Doxology Project
by Bradley Roth

What is a call to ministry?

A long time ago in the big city, I was a graduate student studying the New Testament.  My wife and I had another student and his wife over for supper, and we were talking shop: Bible and theology, church and history.  Our friends were these passionate Presbyterians, and I was saying something judicious about finding [Read More...]

The Fuller Blog
by Reed Metcalf

Philip Yancey on God and Suffering

“It’s so crucial to understand that God is on the side of the one who suffers and not the one who causes the suffering. . . . Jesus always responds with comfort, compassion, and healing. Sometimes art can be that solace, that channel of God’s grace, and sometimes words help as well. What we as [Read More...]

The Great Divide
by Adrian Crawford

Hello, Miss America

America, if you granted my life a value, what would it be? As a black man, am I as valuable as a white man?

The Liturgical Theologian
by Porter Taylor

10 Signs You’re A Low Liturgy Snob

There’s no good way of classifying those who are liturgical snobs by virtue of being low liturgy or low(er) church. I do not have in view those belonging to churches who lack a historical liturgy or connectivity. This is not an anti-liturgy, contra-liturgy, or alternative-liturgy list (that might be another blog post for another time). [Read More...]

The Northampton Seminar
by Gerald McDermott

5 Reasons Why Israel Should Matter to Christians

Israel should matter to Christians because Israel mattered to Jesus, Paul, Peter, and John.

The Toolshed
by Timothy Willard

What Sound Does Grace Make?

It took me a long time to figure out what grace is, how it works, and what it sounds like.

Troubler of Israel
by G. Shane Morris

Reza Aslan’s ‘Believer’ Was Everything Wrong with Religion Reporting

Aslan uses trite syncretism as a mandate not to take the truth-claims of any one religion (including his own) “too seriously.”

Uncommon God, Common Good
by Paul Louis Metzger

Paganism Is Back! Now What Are We Christians Going to Do?

Crossing paths with Pagans should never entail viewing them through the crosshairs of Christian triumphalism.

Warren Throckmorton
by Warren Throckmorton

Did the American Founders Want the Bible in Schools?

Tim Barton, son of self-styled historian David Barton, wants you to believe the founding fathers wanted the Bible taught in schools. Watch: In the video, Barton focused on Benjamin Rush, a Philadelphia physician and signer of the Declaration of Independence. Barton said, But what’s cool about him is when we became a nation, he wrote [Read More...]