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Hindu 2.0
by Sunil Daman

Chanakya Niti – Chapter 13

CHAPTER THIRTEEN   1. A man may live but for a moment, but that moment should be spent in doing auspicious deeds. It is useless living even for a kalpa (4,320,000 *1000 years) and bringing only distress upon the two worlds (this world and the next). 2. We should not fret for what is past, nor should [Read More...]

Seeking Shanti
by Padma Kuppa

Hindus in Hijabs or Showing Solidarity in Saris?

I recently watched a video of Hindu- and South Asian American activists showing their support for our Muslim American sisters by wearing hijabs and leading a protest against Islamophobia with strident voices. I was peeved and perhaps even perturbed: it’s an issue that has long sat on my mind, but the images pushed me to [Read More...]

The White Hindu
by Ambaa

What Is The Purpose Of Life (Episode Three, A Hindu and a Buddhist Walk Into a Marriage)

Brad and I are back! This time we’re talking about what the purpose of life is. And attempting to be a little shorter so we’ve got a video that’s closer to eight minutes than nineteen!   Transcript Ambaa: So what do you think the purpose of life is? Brad: Oof Ambaa: To start with an easy [Read More...]