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Ethics and Community

Community Organization

Pentecostals view their role in their communities as being the spiritual refuge and a resource for that community. Pentecostals operate within a variety of denominational and parachurch structures.


Two of the most notable developments in Pentecostal leadership have been the changing role of women and the professionalization of the Pentecostal clergy.

Principles of Moral Thought and Action

The primacy of piety has surfaced as integral to Pentecostal morality. Social justice has historically been and is now a part of that moral action.

Vision for Society

Pentecostals believe that individual conversion will make society better. Other visions encompass a broader view of early Pentecostals' aspirations to ethnic diversity and progressive causes.

Gender and Sexuality

Pentecostals base their views on traditional readings of the Bible. Pentecostals tend to view gender roles as divinely ordained and sexuality as reserved for marriage.