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Early Developments

There is no fixed center to Pentecostalism's origins; Pentecostalism began with small groups of dedicated followers intent on spreading the faith globally.

Schisms and Sects

Schisms are a natural process in Pentecostalism, a movement characterized by fluidity, innovation, and practicality. The development of sects occurs as a reaction to that theological innovation.

Missions and Expansion

Pentecostal missions began and to some extent continue as an eschatological enterprise. Regional adaptations and changes to the faith demonstrate the effect of local socio-cultural influences.

Exploration and Conquest

Pentecostal views of missions have not changed much since their first foray into missions over 100 years ago. Evangelism is the goal of all mission activity.

Modern Age

Pentecostalism is one of the movements within Protestant Christianity that is growing. Since the 1970s, Pentecostalism has become a largely two-thirds world phenomenon, with Latin America, Asia, and Africa benefiting most.