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A Tippling Philosopher
by Jonathan MS Pearce

The Kalam Cosmological Argument and the Fallacy of Composition

As many of you will know, I have recently written a new book concerning the Kalam Cosmological Argument (Did God Create the Universe from Nothing? Countering William Lane Craig’s Kalam Cosmological Argument), which has had some cracking reviews. When I recently posted a video by someone called CosmicSkeptic, and since it concentrated on the Fallacy of [Read More...]

Able To Choose
by Horus Gilgamesh

“The Master’s Handiwork” of Feigned Humility (Jan. 31 – Living Without Jesus, Daily)

January 31: “The Master’s Handiwork” (Of Feigned Humility) Part 31/365: An atheist reviews a Christian devotional. (If you are new to this page, here’s a little background.) Dear Karen, We made it – a full month of devotions from everybody’s favorite, Jesus Daily! I guess there’s no more fitting way to end the month than [Read More...]

Across Rivers Wide
by Galen Broaddus

No, Tim Keller Has Not Been “Marginalized”

Diminishing privilege is not the same as marginalization.

by Stewart Felker

The Resurrection of Jesus and His Modern Appearances: Revisiting the “Liar” Hypothesis?

  This week, leading up to Easter Sunday, I’ve been working on comprehensive post that lays out the current academic and critical status quaestionis on the issue of the resurrection of Jesus. In the meantime though, there was an interesting incident that happened on the Christianity subreddit on Reddit (which I’ll refer to as “/r/Christianity” from here [Read More...]

by Martin Hughes

Why Blaire White is Wrong About Social Justice

This may sound a bit offensive. But it needs to be said.

Brother Richard's Life Without Faith
by Richard Haynes

Why I Am Proud to Be an American During Trump’s Inauguration

Why I Am Proud to Be an American During Trump’s Inauguration Today, I am very proud of my country. Here me out. No one was more anti-Trump than me during the election season. Yet, as I sit and watch the inauguration, I am in awe of our tradition of a smooth transition of power. Our [Read More...]

Camels with Hammers
by Daniel Fincke

The Time To Protest Trump Is Now.

It is time for a negotiation, not a coronation.

Cognitive Demons
by Chris Kavanagh

Does priming religion make people more generous?

Embed from Getty Images A decade ago a paper titled ‘God is Watching You’ by Shariff & Norenzayan (2007) received a lot of attention after it reported an experimental study showing that people subconsciously primed with religious concepts, regardless of their stated level of religiosity, behaved more generously. (The study reported a similar increase when secular ‘moral’ institutions were primed but this [Read More...]

Cross Examined
by Bob Seidensticker

10 Tough Questions for the Atheist to Answer (2 of 3)

We continue with our analysis of ten tough questions that a Christian thinks will stump the atheist. This time: design in biology, human consciousness, free will, and the good and bad side of human nature.

Damned Interesting
by Various Authors

5 Reasons Why I Needed a No Soliciting Sign for Hospital Clergy

Nonbelievers don't receive the same level of respect from hospital and nursing home clergy as believers from faith traditions.

Daylight Atheism
by Adam Lee

Do Right-Wing Christians Want People to Be Destitute?

They know that slashing the safety net will plunge millions into poverty - and they're counting on it.

Dispatches from the Culture Wars
by Ed Brayton

Thank You So Much

I just want to give a big thank you to everyone who contributed to help me pay off the medical bills from my hospital stay. The goal was reached in less than 36 hours. And thank you for helping me build the community that has been created around this blog. When I started it more [Read More...]

Dogma Debate
by David Smalley

Is The Alt-Left Creating Conservative Atheists?

Perhaps Liberals don’t want atheists on their team anymore. In fact, more nonbelievers and the religiously unaffiliated are identifying as Libertarian, Independent, and even Conservative than ever before. Why? Because the vast majority of skeptics are reasonable people, who quickly identify hyperbole and extremism, and avoid it like the plague. Many of us grew up [Read More...]

by Minette Bryant

Questioning the Nature of God: My Deconversion, Part 1

I know that most of the people in the churches I grew up in would shake their heads at my reasoning here. I know that in the past I quietly pitied people who had these thoughts. But the more I studied and the more questions I asked, the more about God’s nature I questioned. This is what finally broke me.

Foxy Folklorist
by Jeana Jorgensen

Sex: Questions of Quality and Quantity

Are Americans having less sex than they used to? And if so, is this a problem? As with many topics, it depends on who and how you ask.

Freethought Now!
by Freedom From Religion Foundation

The Facts vs. ‘The O’Reilly Factor’

Here, in honor of the toppling of Bill O’Reilly last week from Fox News Network, is an article I wrote after my first appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor” in the fall of 2000.

Friday Night Heretics Club
by Deanna Boudov

Grief Is My Writer’s Block

I reconnected with my mom in her hospital room on October 16th and was with her when she died on October 21st. Watching my mother rapidly die, and the way in which that death came about was one of they most painful experiences of my life. I'm still struggling with both not being surprised because it was something I saw coming, and being shocked because it was the result of so many choices she made that a healthy person would have avoided.

Godless in Dixie
by Neil Carter

FAQ: Do You Ever Still Worry About Hell?

A friend of mine who still identifies as a Christian wrote me to ask me whether or not I’m still bothered by Pascal’s Wager. In case you’re not familiar, Pascal’s Wager refers to that age-old notion that a person, whether or not he fully believes it, should choose to live as if God were in fact real [Read More...]

Intentional Insights
by Gleb Tsipursky

The Danger to Atheists of Political Irrationality

  Caption: Meme created by Ed Coolidge for Intentional Insights (Used with permission)   Atheists in the U.S. cover the entire spectrum of political views, despite the assumption that to be an Atheist means to be a left-wing liberal. No matter who you voted for or how much you were impressed or disgusted by the [Read More...]

Kudzu in the Pines
by Warren Tidwell

The Ghana Diaries: Transition and The End of the Road

An update from my work in Ghana

Laughing in Disbelief
by Andrew Hall

3 Jokes For Wednesday

I’m catching up with the show Better Call Saul. I’m just starting the newest season and have some work to do to get up to date (#CouchPotatoGoals). It’s a beautifully filmed show. Very noir. There’s a lot of shadows and Venetian blinds. I’d be a horrible fictitious character. It isn’t that I don’t have tragic flaws, mind [Read More...]

Leaving Fundamentalism
by Jonny Scaramanga

Darn straight I’ll eat alone with a woman

I used to believe men and women couldn't be just friends. It was an impoverished view of the world.

Love Joy Feminism
by Libby Anne

Wives and Daughters: On Ivanka Trump

This is actually a pattern I've noticed, of men who encourage their daughters or granddaughters to work and push and achieve, but want their wives to stay at home and serve them there. It's a double standard that in some sense centers on treating women as objects to serve them or give them status---their wives to wait on them at home, their daughters give them bragging rights through their success.Click through to read more!

Miracle Girl
by Stephanie Savage

Zombie Trumpcare Rises Again…or is it Terminatorcare?

For the poor and sick, zombie Trumpcare could be an all-too-real Terminator.

Natural Wonderers
by Wendy Thomas Russell

Natural Wonderers On Hiatus

Hi friends, A quick note to let you know I’m taking a hiatus from Natural Wonderers, as I’ve begun writing a new book and need to focus my very-limited-even-on-the-best-days mental energy on that. In the meantime, consider finding me on Twitter or Facebook, checking out my column at the PBS NewsHour, or tracking me down at Brown Paper Press — a boutique publishing [Read More...]

by Kathleen Johnson

A Tale of Two Incidents

Yesterday, a seemingly Christian man, in another school shooting, decided to gun down his wife at her job at an elementary school while also killing one child and critically injuring another and then taking his own life. The location of the slaughter was chosen because although she was reportedly hiding from him, he knew she would [Read More...]

On the Margin of Error
by Kaveh Mousavi

Meet 6 People Running for 2017 Iranian Presidential Elections

A diplomat reformists, three conservatives, one a killer, one a thief, and one a nobody, plus two other dudes.

Praying for Rain and Dancing with the Devil
by Dancing Devil

I Don’t Recognise the Religious Me

Who is that staring back at me? I sometimes wonder what would happen if I met the religious me from over 10 years ago, would I recognise her? And would we be friends? The funny thing is, yes I think we would be friends. The religious me would befriend the nonreligious me, thinking that she [Read More...]

Progressive Secular Humanist
by Michael Stone

Pastor Who Celebrated Orlando Massacre Gets 35 Years For Child Molestation

Anti-gay pastor who claimed Orlando massacre victims got “what they deserve” will probably spend the rest of his life in prison. Pastor Ken Adkins was sentenced to life for aggravated child molestation earlier this week. Adkins will be eligible for parole after 35 years, but by that time he will be over 90 years old, [Read More...]

by Aron and Lilandra Ra

San Antonio’s Non-Christian Scapegoating Mayor is up for Re-election

Earlier this month at a candidate’s forum, San Antonio’s Mayor Ivy Taylor, may or may not have had atheists specifically in mind when she speculated on the roots of systemic poverty. Although she didn’t specifically mention atheists, she definitely linked poverty to a lack of relationship with the Christian god, specifically. Early voting for municipal [Read More...]

Rational Doubt
by Linda LaScola

The Real Reason I Left Christianity

Editor’s Note: This former pastor became a non-believer, like so many of the people who contribute to this blog. So he left ministry, as so many do and so many others intend to do. But it was in a recent conversation with a Christian friend that he inadvertently discovered another, more fundamental reason for leaving. [Read More...]

Removing the Fig Leaf
by Neil Carter

Vagina Power and the History of Christian Symbols

I saw the symbol for vagina on the back of a car the other day. I also saw one on a business card, a necklace, a church bulletin, and even a Bible. Vaginas are everywhere! People in America must really love female sexuality. Of course I’m talking about the fish symbol. The vulva-shaped ichthys or “Jesus [Read More...]

Roll to Disbelieve
by Cassidy McGillicuddy

Preston Sprinkle Still Doesn’t Get It.

So Preston Sprinkle went into the overflowing hopper of Christians Who Think They're Saying Something New and Exciting But Aren't, and we all moved on. Then around Easter I caught wind of him proudly announcing that he'd written some more stuff on the subject and done a podcast or something, and I found myself groaning inwardly.

Sacred Naturalism
by Contributing Writers

truth and care: on jonathan haidt’s moral dilemma

  Before I critique Jon’s talk (you can watch it here), I should mention that I’ve been a fan of his for years; it’s why I asked him to serve on the advisory board of my former journal The Evolutionary Review: Art, Science, Culture, which he was kind enough to do. And I’ve cited his scholarship on ‘the sacred’ in [Read More...]

Secular Cinephile
by Andrew Spitznas

“Lost City of Z” Is an Enchanting Throwback with a Progressive Twist

Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson made their names as eye candy, but show their legitimate talent in James Gray’s substantive story of British exploration.

by Kevin Davis

School Caught Promoting Good News Club Now Trying to Cover Its Tracks

Well, I guess you win, Wittenburg. You've successfully covered up your violation of the Constitution and have hidden your illegal activity. Except...

Sin God
by Luciano Gonzalez

The Benito Juarez Experience: A Podcast Worth Checking Out

So I’m the co-host of a podcast. It’s named The Benito Juarez Experience. Dr. Juhem Navarro-Rivera, a good friend of mine, decided to start a podcast a few months ago and wanted a co-host so that he didn’t go about it alone and invited me to join him given that many of our interests align [Read More...]

Temple of the Future
by James Croft

“Best Choice” Not the Best Choice for St. Louis-Area Public Schools

A Double Shot of Paranoia I’m at Starbucks to meet Joy Maxwell. Maxwell is Curriculum Coordinator for the increasingly controversial “Best Choice” sex education program, a project operated by ThriVe St. Louis and taught in public schools in and around the Midwestern city. In recent weeks, Best Choice has been the subject of numerous articles – and [Read More...]

The Atheist + The Pastor
by Jeffrey Taylor

I’m Back!!

Greetings readers! I am back and will be posting regularly again. Here's where I've been and what to expect coming up!

The Atheist Rabbi
by Jeffrey L. Falick

Trumpism Unites Neo-Nazis, Jewish Defense League

Anyone remember the Jewish Defense League? Not to be confused with the Anti-Defamation League, the JDL was founded by Meir Kahane, a New York Orthodox rabbi who went on to become a Knesset member in 1984. His party was later outlawed by Israel for advocating the kinds of things that modern Israeli right-wingers only talk [Read More...]

The Gaytheist Manifesto
by Callie Wright

Allies: Your Good Intentions Are Necessary, But NOT Sufficient

I understand the impulse to defend yourself against criticism you feel is unwarranted. But if you aren’t going to listen to the concerns of the group that you claim to be an ally of and allow yourself to be open to constructive critique, you should think long and hard before you use that term to describe yourself again.

The Godless Congregation
by Greg Epstein

Enjoying The Happiness of Others

Is Humanism about reason or about emotion? It might seem that reason is all we need, but as scientists such as Antonio Damasio have demonstrated, without feelings, we are unable to make choices. Reason guides us toward our goals, but to have goals and values, we need preferences, which come from emotions. So, is it [Read More...]

The Graffiti Wall
by Alix Jules

Trump’s Budget Decimates Public Funding for Arts

Plans Expected to Eliminate Public Funding for Arts, Humanities Cuts are coming and they are drastic. According to reports, there’s an expected reduction of federal spending by $10.5 trillion dollars over the next 10 years in the incoming administration’s proposed budget. Although it’s unclear whether the first draft will include initial cuts to Social Security and Medicare, [Read More...]

The Lucky Ones
by Dale McGowan

The Busy, Busy Editors of Reality

Trying to get literature through the 19th c. intact is like passing the Louvre’s collection of Impressionism through a preschool on Fingerpaint Day.

The Secular Outpost
by Jeffery Jay Lowder

Podcast 4: Is There Just One Christian Worldview or Many?

I have also made a podcast on this subject: Podcast 4: Is There Just One Christian Worldview or Many? There is a PowerPoint (in a PDF) available with the content of the podcast: PowerPoint for Podcast 4 My previous podcasts are available here: Thinking Critically About: Is Christianity True?

The Secular Spectrum
by Various contributors

There Is No Normal

Just as you lose yourself in astonishment, the anesthetic of familiarity will drag you back to the illusion of normal. Too bad.

Token Skeptic
by Kylie Sturgess

Gravity Is Toxic, The Earth Is Flat And I Don’t Charge You $400+ To Make Those Rubbish Claims (Unlike David “Avocado” Wolfe)

I have a raging, spiky headache, so it must be time to blog something here. During the same week that Murdoch Uni featured a great talk on alternative medicine and the potential dangers, the West Australian published news that David “Avocado” Wolfe, the man who: …claims there is growing evidence that vaccines are not safe and [Read More...]

TransParent Expedition
by Pat Green

This Is Not Over, Not By A Long Shot: Moving On For Now Though

After this post, I am moving on for now. I need to focus on the beauty of my son, the lessons I have learned from him, and my own deconstruction from ministry into secular life. I wrote something on the UMC Clergy page. I suspect it will be removed soon as I am not UMC [Read More...]

What Would JT Do (WWJTD)
by JT Eberhard

I’ll be doing a debate in Springfield, MO tonight.

Tonight I’ll be doing a team debate in Springfield, MO. The resolution is “A Faith Commitment Is Necessary For The Pursuit Of Happiness.” My teammate will be a local, Cora Hanf and, surprise, we’ll be taking the negative. On the affirmative will be two locals, Reverend Sean McCormick and Pastor David VanBebber. The event takes [Read More...]