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Politics Blue

Empathy Mining
by Shane Phipps

The Liberating Power in the Potential of Wrongness–Making Room for Empathy

A smart man might firmly believe he is right. A wise man understands that he could be wrong. Do you know anyone who believes they have the world figured out and are right about everything all the time? Is that a silly question? I know a lot of people who fit that description. Some of [Read More...]

Faithful Democrats
by Various Authors

The Refugee Crisis

True to our fears, the Trump administration is already inflicting whiplash on everyday Americans, as many of us flit from report to report in an effort to ascertain exactly what the new President is doing. Perhaps the most glaring example of this from the first several weeks of the new administration has been the travel [Read More...]

Politics Blue
by Various Authors

What Would Jesus Do About Donald Trump?

As it becomes increasingly obvious that the crude, lying, egomaniacal, bigoted, impulsive, anti-science, anti-intellectual, anti-environmental sexual predator anti-Christian that we saw during the presidential campaign is the same Trump we see as president it becomes critical, that we must have a way forward to removing him from office. Clearly the mainstream, liberal, and principled conservative and Christian media [Read More...]