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Politics Red

Bristol's Blog
by Life, Family, Alaska

New Wrestler Calls Himself ‘The Progressive Liberal’ and People Love to Hate Him

Another sign that people are sick and tired of the condescension.

Convention of States
by Laura Scala

Let’s Be Honest: Is National Unity Even Possible Now?

After that Congressional baseball shooting, what's next?

David Clarke
by David Clarke

3 Words Would’ve Saved This Guy’s Life; Officer cleared in fatal shooting

After talking to witnesses and hearing testimony, a court cleared this officer of wrong doing.

French Revolution
by Nancy French

David French: Why ‘Transparency’ is Not Always a Good Thing

Transparency sounds like a good thing, but it's not. Here's how it's destroying free speech in America today.

Mark Meckler
by Mark Meckler

Wind Power is Madness Masquerading as Environmentalism: High Costs to Wildlife, Limited Energy

It's time for this madness - masquerading as environmentalism - to stop.