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The Mix
Great Conversations Across the Lines

Editor's Choice

Four Feminisms

The Importance of Feminist Men

There are several specific ways that having male allies is helpful in the fight for women's equality.

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Gods on Coasters
by The Coasters

Love and Air Supply

CHRISTIAN: Love binds the galaxy together. ATHEIST: Pretty sure you're thinking of the strong nuclear force.

Mormonism Inside and Out
by Patrick Mason and John Dehlin

LDS Doctrines: What Stays, What Goes?

Is there a non-negotiable core of beliefs at the heart of the LDS church?

Quranist & Apostate
by Kaveh & Farouk

What is the Meaning of ‘Kaafir’ in Islam?

Much discourse between Muslims and non-Muslims hinges on the meaning and significance of a single word.