Patheos Watermark

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We've gathered some of the most fun — and unusual — facts about Patheos and our 5-year history. From our academic library of the world's faiths to the Patheos Public Square to all the vibrant blogs we host today, Patheos has evolved into the world's largest independent site for faith and spirituality.

The charts above show Patheos' dramatic growth over the past five years (measured in daily pageviews).

Top 50 Cities in the world that visit Patheos

Patheos has been visited from nearly every country in the world. The above map shows the top 50 cities where our readers come from.

What brings readers to Patheos?

Many readers come to Patheos through search words. The above graphic displays the top words that bring people to the site.

How We've Changed

Since our launch we've have a couple major site revisions. Below are a few images from what the site looked like in years past.