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Patheos.com is the premier online destination to engage in the global dialogue about religion and spirituality, and to explore and experience the world's beliefs. Patheos is the website of choice for the millions of people looking for credible and balanced information about religion. Patheos brings together faith communities, academics, and the broader public into a single environment, and is the place where many people turn on a regular basis for insight, inspiration, and stimulating discussion.

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Editorial Submissions
Patheos offers the most extensive information on the internet in the area of religion and spirituality. If you would like to be considered for any of our editorial areas below, please contact editors@patheos.com. Thank you for your interest in joining the Patheos writing community!


Patheos welcomes new columnists in each of our areas of expertise. We are particularly looking for writers who have existing blogs and a strong reader base or an extensive social media platform. Writers are asked to commit to at least one year of participation with at least 3 columns a week.


Patheos accepts well-considered and well-written guest articles on current events and developments in religion and spirituality. Articles should be between 800-1000 words. We will not consider articles that have already been published, in any form, in print or online.

Writing for Library Resources

The Patheos Library is one of the best online sources of reliable information on religion. It currently has nearly thirty fully developed traditions, including material on each religion’s Origins, Historical Development, Beliefs, Rituals and Worship, and Ethics and Community Life. Contributors must be academically qualified in the field of that religious tradition (Ph.D. preferred) and must be willing to have his or her material peer-reviewed. Unsolicited material is not accepted.
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