Where Jesus Prayed

Illuminating the Lord's Prayer in the Holy Land

Danielle Shroyer went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land at a time when she was tired of wordy prayers. She entered a church intending to pray only silently, focusing on the feeling of the place and God's presence within it. What happened instead was that the Lord's Prayer bubbled up, simple, open, and profound. Thus began a rhythm that lasted for two weeks of pilgrimage, as she traveled from place to place, each important for understanding the life of Jesus, praying the Lord's Prayer again and again. The rich intersection of place, Bible, and prayer, deeply rooted in faith, provide the reader with an experience far beyond a simple tour of the Holy Land. It creates an atmosphere in which Jesus comes alive. | read more»

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Author Danielle Shroyer Discusses "Where Jesus Prayed"