Sacred America, Sacred World

Fulfilling Our Mission in Service to All

As the 2016 election approaches, our country is spiraling into a dysfunction that threatens us all, including our allies around the world. The two-party system, sprung from the aims of democracy, has become violently divisive, nearly to the point where there are two Americas, each at the other’s throat. America is being pulled apart, and every citizen feels the pain from this profoundly. When did political discourse become a boxing match? How did America, founded on the highest of principles of justice and freedom, get so far off course? And, most importantly, is it too late to repair the damage and get back on track? According to leaders of the fast-growing transpartisan movement, it’s not too late to jump-start our country’s forward progress. Americans can transcend these damaging polarities—but only if we can hold to a vision that honors the ideals of both the left and the right, leaves behind their excesses, and embraces our country’s evolution, both politically and spiritually. | read more»

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