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The Moment

What if you had a second chance at your dream?

What did you want to be before life got in the way?

A painter? A coach? A race car driver?

Kurt Warner was bagging groceries to support his family when he got a second chance at playing in the NFL. Two Superbowls later, he is offering ordinary Americans the chance to try again for their dream job.

Warner hosts The Moment, a reality TV show on the USA network in which people are offered the chance to pursue a dream that eluded them. They are given time, coaching, equipment, and a shot a convincing a big name employer to take them on.

Will they have the talent to make their dreams come true?

Premieres Thursday, April 11 at 10/9 Central.


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Interview: Kurt Warner

Interview: Kurt Warner

Rebecca Cusey

The legendary NFL player talks to Patheos about his football career, his faith, and his new show. 

Defining Moments

Defining Moments

Multiple Authors

As we look back on our lives, there have been specific moments in time that deeply impacted our future. Early in life, we make choices about schools, degrees, jobs and careers that set our future in motion. And then there are MOMENTS......moments where we move from our chosen is in those moments that our future is determined and our faith is tested.

Make the Moment – How Churches can get Involved

Make the Moment – How Churches can get Involved

Cathie Brunnick

Make the Moment can help you unlock the skills & talents in your congregation. With that kind of information, what kind of difference could you start making in your community? With that kind of knowledge, where will God lead your church?