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Weaving Life

The true story of a peacemaker in war-torn Afghanistan

The Story: For 30 years, Dan Terry devoted himself to building relationships in Afghanistan. In August, 2010, he was one of ten aid workers killed in that conflict-ridden country. This documentary looks at his life-long passion for building relationships beyond cultural, ethnic, religious, and political lines. 

The Documentary: Students at Eastern Mennonite University became intrigued with Dan's story and put together a documentary about him. They include photos, artwork, and video. In addition, they interview Dan's family and closest friends to find out what gave him such joy in connecting with others. 


Appropriate for all audiences
Blessed are the Peacemakers

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Craig Detweiler

On Veteran's Day, how do we honor the peacemakers who don't carry guns?

Peacemaking in the Middle East

Peacemaking in the Middle East

Sister Rose

Giving witness, not by preaching, but by being the face of love.