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10 Rejected VBS Themes
Not doing VBS just isn’t going to fly with most evangelicals. I mean, come on, think of the children! And the free childcare! Here: a few ideas for VBS sure to make Jesus great again. Read more
by Jonathan Aigner | Ponder Anew
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Good Biblical Words: Truth (John 1:5)
The light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not seize it. John 1:5 This verse is one of the most important metaphors in the Bible for describing the nature of truth. Truth is like light.... Read more
by Morgan Guyton | Mercy Not Sacrifice
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Catholic Men Explain Me to Me
One serious problem is that religious men feel divinely entitled to have a privileged position in regards to the truth, even the truth about female persons and our bodies. Read more
by Rebecca Bratten Weiss | suspended in her jar
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AL County Commissioner Who Claimed Jesus' Endorsement Loses Election
I guess even Jesus didn't like being co-opted for a campaign ad. Read more
by Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist
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Partial Explanation of Contemporary Evangelical Political Posture
The typical narrative is the hijacking of evangelical Christianity by cynical right-wing political hacks in the 80s. I question whether this explantion is thick enough to explain the phenomenon. Read more
by | Roger E. Olson
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Blog, Resurrected
I’ve grown tired of social media-based platform-ing, especially in the current political climate. I know I have something to say again, and I don’t want to waste it in soundbites and potshots. Read more
by Zach Hoag | Zach Hoag Is Uncategorized
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