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Arlene Sanchez Walsh

Arlene Sánchez Walsh is the Associate Professor of Church History & Latino Church Studies at Azusa Pacific University in California. She currently teaches church history and church and society classes, and is involved in a number of research studies including prosperity gospel, racial and ethnic identity formation in Pentecostal contexts, and evangelical youth culture.

Sánchez Walsh's first book, Latino Pentecostal Identity (Columbia University Press, 2003) won the Hispanic Theological Initiative's Book Award in 2005. Her current writing includes Pentecostalism in America (Columbia University Press, forthcoming), and she is currently working on a project for the Louisville Institute called "American Pentecostalism's Engagement with Race and Ethnicity." In addition, Sánchez Walsh is also writing a book for the Templeton Foundation's "Godly Love" project on Pentecostals of Color and Godly Love.

She was a Lilly Fellow working on congregational studies in Latino prosperity gospel churches in the Southwest. Sánchez Walsh has been interviewed in various print and radio media (NPR), as an expert on Pentecostalism, and Latino church studies. She is a graduate of Claremont College.

Works by Arlene Sanchez Walsh
Entrenched Diminished Expectations
Arlene Sanchez Walsh | November 03, 2014
There is precious little to vote for, and so all the predictions of Latino/a voting may......