A day without sunshine…

A day without sunshine… April 25, 2011
Memorial Day 05-Deviled Eggs (Irma calls them ...

Image by Old Shoe Woman via Flickr

is a day in LaGrange. Another day of rain. We had a two day respite, and now we’re supposed to get up to one half inch of rain every day this week.

Easter dinner was great though. Ham, mashed potatoes, pasta salad, corn, deviled eggs, rolls, jello and dirt pudding. Yum.

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  • I kept saying how I wanted it to be sunny and now it is sunny and I am just inside. I’m totally wasting the beautiful outside. We don’t have Spring here, that’s the problem. We go from freezing cold, snowing to rain and incredibly hot. It isn’t fun…at all.

    • Well, I know what that’s like! It was often that way in Milwaukee. Cold and blustery, then hotter than blazes.

  • Be careful about what you wish for. Last summer it was so dry, my water bill hit $200 a month! Yikes!

    BTW, what is dirt pudding? Sounds like something with chocolate – share the recipe!

    • Yeah, it was actually a drought here. I don’t mind rainy days. It’s just when they go on…and on…

      Dirt pudding does in fact contain chocolate. Chocolate in the form of Oreos, that is. Here’s a link: Dirt Pudding. This recipe is the one I’m familiar with. You can do an image search on Google or something to see various presentations, some of which include gummy worms, silk flowers, and flower pots to give a “realistic” look to the dish.