Litany of Humility

Litany of Humility July 1, 2015

I ran across this lovely sung rendition of the Litany of Humility, which I spoke of yesterday.

“Litany of Humility” by Danielle Rose

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Interestingly, this is a Contemporary Christian take by Matt Maher. I’m quite surprised that this would even make the radar of someone who isn’t Catholic. But, there is good to be found everywhere, to be sure.

“Every Little Prison” by Matt Maher

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One link led to another, and this is another take. Not specifically based on the Litany of Humility, but wonderful.

“I Shall Not Want” by Audrey Assad

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"I love the analogies! Great post too. Confession never disappoints."

Jesus Is My Plumber
"Nice update you gat here..thanks for sharing"

Melting pot, or salad bar?
"LOVE THIS! love you!"

Jesus Is My Plumber
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