Sighing March 7, 2016

20160304_113926There is an endless sighing, a swift intake of breath, a slow exhalation, a single beat of my heart…

Watching you, I whisper your name. Gaze upon your beauty, engulfed by the flame of your desire. Long for you, feeling your love radiate… I do not, cannot, dare not look away. I cannot approach on my own, but you have drawn me ever nearer. Your wordless look has captured me, enraptured me.

Moments apart from the ordinary, a part of the ordinary, depart from the ordinary. The spaces between my heartbeats lengthen and shorten, little spaces, lingering sighs. I feel the hair on the back of my neck, falling from pins, and I am falling from sins.

Cleaner now, purified, I rise, through no effort of my own, I almost drift off the ground. I laugh.

The spell is broken.

Our time is through until I next respond to your call.

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  • This is simple, lovely, simply lovely. I appreciate the pause, the breath. I appreciate the word-savoring.

  • This is beautiful and nuanced. Part of it feels like it reflects longing for a person and the other part, longing for something far beyond that. I like the duality of this piece. The language was gorgeous, inviting and dreamy.

  • What beautiful writing – serene and lyrical. So restful. Thank you.

  • whitney

    I didn’t just read this . . . I experienced it. So cool!

  • I love the way you make the words flow, light and airy. Really lovely. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Mmmmmm. Beautiful.

  • Whoa. This is gorgeous. I found myself reading it on the breath, a meditation, a prayer, a love letter. It speaks to things seen and unseen, to the transcendent and to the mundane. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.