Sighing March 7, 2016

20160304_113926There is an endless sighing, a swift intake of breath, a slow exhalation, a single beat of my heart…

Watching you, I whisper your name. Gaze upon your beauty, engulfed by the flame of your desire. Long for you, feeling your love radiate… I do not, cannot, dare not look away. I cannot approach on my own, but you have drawn me ever nearer. Your wordless look has captured me, enraptured me.

Moments apart from the ordinary, a part of the ordinary, depart from the ordinary. The spaces between my heartbeats lengthen and shorten, little spaces, lingering sighs. I feel the hair on the back of my neck, falling from pins, and I am falling from sins.

Cleaner now, purified, I rise, through no effort of my own, I almost drift off the ground. I laugh.

The spell is broken.

Our time is through until I next respond to your call.

"I love the analogies! Great post too. Confession never disappoints."

Jesus Is My Plumber
"Nice update you gat here..thanks for sharing"

Melting pot, or salad bar?
"LOVE THIS! love you!"

Jesus Is My Plumber
"sigh... here is the definition of oligarchy from Merriam-Webster: Definition of oligarchy plural oligarchies1: government ..."

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