The first time was an accident.

The first time was an accident. April 16, 2011

Absolutely the best opening line ever! And it’s mine, all mine! [Air washes hands in mad scientist manner.] Theoretically, it could be used for the opening of a book on any subject, fiction or nonfiction. But today, it’s the opening line of the new sonnet I wrote last night.

The first time was an accident, there can’tfootsie
Be any other way now to explain
The sudden way our eyes met—no, we shan’t
Let something quite like that happen again!
The jolt was like a quick electric spark.
Who would have thought that passing plates around
That table full of people—what a lark
To think that your knee touching mine would ground
Some random static charge—but wait, what’s that?
Is that your hand now, resting on my knee?
I give a sideways glance, conveying, “What
On Earth? What if some table-mate should see?”
The first time was an accident, I’d say.
But accidents don’t happen twice that way.

Did this ever happen to you?

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