A Both/And Thanksgiving

A Both/And Thanksgiving November 20, 2018
Photo by Natalia Y on Unsplash

In a week where many of us are thankful …

for time off of work
for time with family
for the opportunity to travel
for time to rest

It can also be a challenging time.

challenging from tiredness
challenging with finances
challenging in relationships
challenging in anticipating family squabbles around the dinner table

And yet, the real challenge is also to see the both/and opportunities in this time. We can …

be both thankful for what we have and mindful of those who have less
be both critical of family members’ politics or opinions and still love them as our family
be both ready to decorate for Christmas and truly appreciate Thanksgiving
be limited in financial means and generous with our love for one another

I pray that you will see the both/and opportunities in your celebrations this weekend and find joy in this time.

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