Biz-Witchery – Adding a dash of magic to business!

Disillusioned, many of us want to leave the corporate world behind to find more meaningful, soulful ways to make money (hurrah!).  Some entrepreneurs jump with both feet in while others create a side hustle to gently dip toes into the business arena.

Regardless of your first steps, you’ll need a digital presence.  Websites, copywriting, branding and marketing bring their own challenges and you might not want to invest the time or energy to learn these skills.

Allow me to present Biz-Witchery.

Biz-Witchery isn’t your normal small business, one-stop shop.  I mix my background in IT & business with my experience of self-employment.  Throw in my writing skills, stir in holistic therapies, then add a splash of magick.

I particularly enjoy working with people who have an alternative outlook on life and want to work with someone who ‘gets them’.  Business should be a sacred soul-expression – a reflection of you – not a boring, bland website with copy to send you to sleep.

I offer one-to-one mentoring to help you find your business and marketing groove.

You can also hire me to be your word alchemist and/or website design witch.

Find out more about Biz-Witchery at