Heaven on Earth: Spiritual and Scientific Reflections on Heaven Being “Here”

Heaven on Earth: Spiritual and Scientific Reflections on Heaven Being “Here” December 20, 2021

heaven on earth

By Cyndi Dale

When I was a youngster in the Lutheran Church, I was always selected to play an angel in the Christmas pageants. With my blonde hair and blue eyes, I’d stand with the other saintly ones and sing.

I detested that part. Told I was practicing what I’d be doing in heaven once dead, I couldn’t imagine a more boring outcome to what was already a series of earthly travails.

As I’ve discovered, most Christians believe heaven is the place the righteous have earned once we pass over. I’m not so sure about that, but I can make the case that there is a heaven rooted right here, within the everyday.

The word for heaven in Hebrew (shamayim) and Greek (ouranos) mean “sky.” The former term is illustrated with an image of fire and water. The latter references the universe and starry heavens. The sky is very much a part of the material cosmos, and in many pagan philosophies, combines with the earth to reflect a divine father and divine mother.

In fact, the very first line of the Bible shows that God as Creator formed the heavens and earth simultaneously (Genesis 1:1). Wow! Maybe the space we usually think of as perfect and pure is riding side-by-side with what we often describe as fallen and mundane? A personal experience, and a bit of science, would suggest just that.

Years ago, I was driving home from my cabin. The word “cabin” might be stretching it. I owned a mobile house on a patch of land in northern Minnesota. I was so stretched as a single mom that my big get-away usually involved driving up north to mow the grass and then return, all in the same day.

The sky was dark, and the stars were bright alongside the highway, when a huge white light flashed through my front window. I heard a voice.

“I am God. I am love.”

I was terrified and pulled off the road. Sitting there, my heart pounding, I decided I’d been drinking too much Diet Coke. I set off again.

A few moments later, I felt Jesus enter me from my backside. I heard him say, inside of my head, “See the world the way I perceive it.”

Everything in front of me transformed into shades of white. He then added, “Heaven is on earth.”

I set a goal that night. I wanted to know the world through the lens of holiness.

I’ve yet to fully live up to that objective. However, my aim furthered my deep dive into Christian and other religious scriptures regarding this matter, but also science. I began searching for any scientific indication of the “heavenly” co-existing with the “earthly.”

My studies into the types of light embedded in the universe have provided a hint.

Of course, there are many varieties of light in the galaxy, but two specifically lend credence to the spiritual idea of heaven on earth.

For one, there is what I’m going to call our earthly universe. It is full of polarized light and dictates the everyday. It originated during the Big Bang.

The Big Bang basically involved a huge explosion of energetic activity. Emerging relatively quickly were various forms of matter and energy and the formation of space-time. Fundamental forces were formed, along with many types of quantum and classical particles and waves.

One essential aspect of this ever-inflating universe, the one we knowingly inhabit, is that many of the units that compose it are polarized. For instance, every electron, which is negatively charged, is matched with a positron, which is positively charged. Matter is linked with anti-matter, and so on.

Our typical life experiences match the idea of dwelling in a polarity-based universe. Daily, we face good and bad. Our personalities are sculpted from positive and negative actions. There is life and death. This is our earthly habitat.

However, there is evidence of a universe that was present before the Big Bang. I equate it to the space called “heaven,” which I believe exists parallel with the “earthly.”

Namely, there are three main indicators of a pre-existent—and quite pure—universe. These same factors suggest that this universe is still present.

For one, there are twists of a primordial light lingering in space. The substance of this light casts no darkness. Rather, it is a light that only produces more light. Sources have labeled this the “Absolute Light.”

Related to this initial light is a cosmic background radiation (CBR), which fills the universe in a uniform way. It’s been thought that this CBR is equivalent to the same light making up the twists in space.

Thirdly, we have dark matter. Little is understood about this significant component of space, except that it comprises a lot of it. It is considered non-baryonic in nature, or not made of classical units of matter, like protons, neutrons, and electrons. Furthermore, this strange stuff emits no light. It is thought that dark matter aids in the creation of galaxies, as it seems to hold physical matter together. It, too, is thought to predate the Big Bang.

What if these anomalies of light, which seemingly constitute echoes from a pre-Big Bang, formulate the basis of the heaven present on earth?

Absolute Light didn’t come from the stars, because it predates stars. It isn’t composed of atoms, because it doesn’t contain atoms. As stated, Absolute Light only forms more light.

When Jesus walked the earth, he stated that his Father—in the heavens—was available to us all. Maybe the very heavens are available.

The tools of heaven are very different than those of the earthly realm. In our everyday existence, we need money. We must work, try, and learn from our successes and failures. We live. We die. That’s fine. If a more heavenly universe is also available, there are other means of acting, relating, and growing.

Prayer, meditation, and contemplation are access vehicles for the heavenly. So is a devotion and application of spiritual qualities, like Faith, Truth, and Love.

In every moment, we are provided a choice. While we live in the earthly, we can conform to the heavenly.

From Advanced Chakra Healing by Cyndi Dale. © Jan 2022 by Cyndi Dale. Used by permission from Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd., www.Llewellyn.com.

About Cyndi Dale
Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and energy healer. She is the author of 28 books on energy medicine, intuition, and spirituality. Her newest book is Advanced Chakra Healing: Four Pathways to Energetic Wellness and Transformation. You can visit her at www.CyndiDale.com. You can read more about the author here.

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