August 30, 2021

We are tasked with mediating God’s presence. Read more

August 18, 2021

Your faith never called you to be a doormat. Read more

August 4, 2021

By Lyle David Solomon  Biblical Teachings About Borrowing Money The Bible doesn’t say that it’s a sin to borrow money from creditors. But it makes it clear that you should pay off your debts. This particular Bible verse is enough to prove the point: “The wicked borrows and does not pay back, but the righteous is gracious and gives.” (Psalm 37:21) You have a legal obligation to pay off your debts. But apart from your legal obligations, the Bible points... Read more

July 30, 2021

By Mark Williams I am not sure how people do this widow/widower thing without God. I was widowed in March, 2018, 27 days short of our 38th anniversary. And, looking back from where I am today to where I was in that dumpster fire of a time, I really cannot see how people do that – that storm – without any faith in a loving God who had complete control and care and love over all of it. My wife,... Read more

May 24, 2021

The experience of loss is unique to each person. But no matter how you experience grief, Jesus comes and meets you at your point of need. Read more

April 23, 2021

By Oscar Collins If you thought outreach was difficult before the pandemic, it’s nearly impossible now. Thanks to stay-at-home orders, many people are unwilling to attend in-person sermons. However, Christ still expects us to reach out and spread faith, even during difficult times. It just might take a bit more effort and creativity than before. Here are a few ideas to help kickstart a congregation-wide brainstorming session. 1. Distribute Care Packages Hand sanitizer, toilet paper and other personal hygiene items... Read more

April 21, 2021

It all started with a tweet. It was March 2019, and the General Social Survey had just released its raw data, collected the previous year, on American political and religious life. For social scientists like myself, the survey is the most important instrument for analyzing changes in American society. That’s because it’s been asking the same questions on religion since its creation in 1972. If a researcher wants to know what share of Americans never attended church in the 1980s,... Read more

March 30, 2021

By Carly Berna Remember last year when we thought the pandemic might pass in a few months and we would be going to church on Easter just like every other year? Here we are a year later and most of us are still at home practicing social distancing and watching church in our sweatpants. Can you believe we have been watching church online for over a year now? At first, it was convenient, but you may have quickly realized it is... Read more

February 9, 2021

It will be nearly a year now of living in times of a pandemic, living in times of unimaginable grief and stress on families, couples, and individuals. While we celebrate the rollout of vaccines, we know our lives will not be going back to the way things were. We find ourselves now figuring out how to sustain relationships during this ongoing time of crisis, beyond the first wave of panic and beyond the first few months of hunkering down. It’s... Read more

January 13, 2021

When my wife and I were asked recently to co-write a liturgy entitled “Asking God for New Vision in the New Year,” my mind jumped straight to Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” The take-away was obvious: If believers want to stave off catastrophe in the new year, we’d better be asking God for vision. Perfect. This thing would write itself. But a quick word study proved otherwise. The word for vision here has been translated... Read more

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