Little Things: A Letter to West Franklin

Little Things: A Letter to West Franklin May 7, 2022
West Franklin Family,
Jesus placed high value on little things. His go to analogy of the kingdom included small objects. A mustard seed. Yeast. A little leaven. A child. A grain of wheat. Salt. Pearls. A sheep. A coin. A son. Seeds falling in particular areas. You get the idea. Jesus loved to highlight the little things. Why? The things that generally go unnoticed tend to make the biggest impact. In the economy of the kingdom of God, the little things are what ushers in His presence and reign.
Last Sunday I noticed a couple in the first service leave their usual seats to accompany a precious widow who was sitting by herself in the back. She got the courage to come back to church since the passing of her husband. This couple “merely” left their normal spot to sit on each side of the widow for the worship service. A little thing. The kingdom of Christ.
After the second service I noticed a small army of men help clear the stage so it could be stained this week. One guy actually went home after the first service, changed clothes, and came back in order to help the process along. The stage was clear in less than half an hour. A small thing. The kingdom of God.
Lindsay Gordon and I had the opportunity to meet with three young men this week to discuss baptism. One of the young men was asked about the purpose of baptism. He responded: “It’s necessary to show that Jesus has control of everything now. Your life, your body, your everything.” Yes, young man. That’s exactly what it is. An eleven year old explaining the wonder of baptism in just a few beautiful and potent words. A small boy. A short statement. The kingdom of heaven.
On Thursday I had a delightful call with a recent guest to our church. One of the reasons she and her husband plan to return is due to the fact that one of you intentionally spoke to them in the lobby. She said they had been visiting churches since January. Not one person at any of the churches acknowledged their presence. But one of you introduced yourself and welcomed them to West Franklin. A tiny thing. A huge impact. God’s kingdom.
You get the idea.
A widow. A child. Moving a drum set. An introduction. Changing seats. A statement. Returning to help. A smile. A welcome. Little things. God’s evident presence and reign.
West Franklin, let me challenge you to two little things: First, look for the little things around you that are happening. They are everywhere if we have eyes to see. Ask the Father to open your eyes to the little things. The kingdom of heaven establishes itself in very small – almost unnoticeable – ways. The kingdom of heaven is near. Don’t miss it. Second, practice the ministry of small things. If you think about it, it’s usually not the “big things” that make lasting impact on others. It is the tiny things. A kind word. A listening ear. An empathetic posture. A text. A call. A hug. A smile. A loving rebuke. An invitation to lunch. An offer to watch children. An introduction to an unfamiliar face in the church lobby.
Little things. The kingdom of Christ is at hand.
God willing, I will see you in the morning with my Bible open to one of the little books in the back of the Bible: 1 John 3:19-24.
Looking for the Little With You,
Pastor Matt
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